Sasuke Uchiha vs Itachi Uchiha


This fight is so amazing however itachi did not fight so well this fight is to emotional in the end and the best fight it is very thrilling the powers used were not so much amazing but the all round it is the best fight in whole of naruto anime

The most highly anticipated fight other than Sasuke vs Naruto and it was full of action and emotion also the finishing move was sick and itachi's final act was heartwarming should be number 1

The Naruto/Pain fight was more BA for sure, but this fight was more intelligent, had bigger surprises, and featured more interesting moves (i.E. revealing all of the Mangekyou's powers). Best fight in the series, and my favorite anime fight of all time. So. Well. Thought. Out.

A super long awaited fight between 2 badass brothers who are part of the best clan in Naruto, the Uchiha. Best fight

This fight was incredible. All out action and emotions. It was sad to see itachi die. Two brothers fighting to the death. Can't get any more emotional then that.

Sasuke vs Itachi is my favorite fight in Naruto Shippuden comparing to Naruto vs pain my vote is sasuke vs itachi

Very good animation/art, epic jutsu's very emotional the fight we waited the most and the best.

It is the best fight on naruto and also has the saddest ending

That maybe is not the best battle but is the most emotional. That is the ' Uchiha ' fight.

All throughout the series was building up to this fight and it didn't disappoint

Best fight but unfortunately my favorite itachi died

It's the best fight because of the twist that itachi always loved sasuke

Should be number 1 the fight was really god and it was emotional as well

It's a godly fight very intense hand to hand combat

Where itachi is there amazing happens

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Everything about this fight was awesome it was breathtaking,action-packed and also emotional. It showed the relationship between the brothers along with some intricate planning in the battle. The whole first part of the battle was entirely genjutsu and it wasn't owerwhelmed with MEANIGLESS chatter like almost all the other battles it also answered a lot of unspoken and spoken questions. it gave us a sense of satisfaction and even developed the characters in the midst of the battle. It showed us a perfectly good reason for Itachi losing and white zetsu asked the questions we did and black zetsu answered them. It affected sasuke's charecter even more than orochimaru's fight against him which caused him to leave Konoha it was also relevant to FUTURE arcs and not just the current one. It well surpasses naruto v pain which WAS epic but not as unique or original or even emotional as this one. I also have MANY more reasons but I made my point if I ramble any longer people will think I'm over ...more

Genjutsu after Genjutsu great storyline and Sasuke proved himself to be formiddable in the ninja world.

This battle was the most hyped one in the whole series by that point... and it didn´┐Ż't disappoint by any means... Love the moment when itachi shows the Susanoo for the first time. After knowing Itachi true plans, it only makes this battle more epic.

This is the best Naruto fight... Not like Naruto vs pain eating 6/7 episodes and it was not even that good at all.
But in this fight... It was just epic.
A fight of honour a fight of respect a fight of emo... Everything was there.
Fought between the two great uchihas.
Amd yes itachi is the all time greatest character. Almost cried when he said to his stupid brother "I'm sorry sasuke... This will be the last time".

The big reason is I just love the uchia clan and their abllteies and also we been wating scince part 1 for this fight it did not disspoint it showed us the induction of the suss no and also if you find out the truth about ituchia this fight will be sadder

I can't vote for any other fight. This fight is what we expected all from part 1. It starts with genjutsu and even the watcher thinks is in one. Then they move on to ninjutsu (Katon, Kirin) and Itachi has a Susanoo. An excellent fight, that I have read and watched numerous times. + it is really emotional. "Fated battle between the uchiha brothers". My two favorite characters got to fight each other...
Also, the fight Naruto vs Sasuke (the final one) is epic as well.