Top 10 Naruto Techniques

The most powerful jutsus of Naruto! All techniques count, no limitations.

The Top Ten

1 Rinnegan

The rinnegan lets the user see chakra flows, master any technique, increases all jutsu's power, gives access to the Outer Path and Six Paths of Pain ability (Deva Path is basically Force Push and Force Pull, by the way), and basically parties all day long.

That's so strong technique in my mind

The Rinnegan is the most powerful for of doujustsu ever created as it wielded used by the sage of six paths who was powerful enough to subdue and seal the juubi.

Rinnegan is the most powerful eye teqniques. Rinnegan is stong than sharingan because rinnegan comes after mangenkyo sharingan. With rinnegan you can use any teqnique. Rinnegan has better visison than sahringan. Rinnegan see ninjas chakra flows. Rinnegan is eye of the god.

2 Sharingan/Mangekyou Sharingan

The sharingan makes an opponent that is otherwise helpless into a very serious threat. It can copy other ninjutsu, see chakra flows, see with incredible perception, can hypnotize anyone who looks directly into their eyes, and even gives the user a type of precognitive sense, able to predict without fail what something or someone will do next. And then there's Mangekyou Sharingan...

The best Dojutsu! Seeing absolutely everything, all the time, while its active rocks.

3 Rasengan

It's a literal ball of chakra and well YOU CAN MAKE VARIATIONS OF IT

The rasengan is a very powerful technique on it's own, being a ball of pure energy that can explode, and takes shape manipulation to its highest possible level. Apart from that, it can be used as a base for some of the most powerful techniques. The Rasenshuriken has already been created, how would a RasenChidori or RasenFireBall work?

4 Shadow Clone Technique

Because it's boss

This technique makes a number of clones of yourself to do your bidding. The user's chakra is split evenly among the user and clones, and when injured, the clone will dissipate, and the clone's remaining chakra, memories and experience will return to the user. And that's just cool.

5 The Eight Gates

This is OBVIOUSLY the strongest technique right now.

6 Lightning Armor Technique

The user electrifies themselves, and along with the Lightning blocking the majority of attacks, the user's nerves are electrically stimulated, vastly increasing speed and reflexes.

7 Kamui
8 Great Fireball Technique

The user breaths out either
A. A huge, destructive fireball
B. A blast of fire, much like a flamethrower.

Human Flamethrower. Need I say more?

9 Raikiri

The user makes a ball of Lightning in their hand, runs forward and stabs the opponent with it. Without the sharingan, though, the user will likely be hurt by a counterattack, which they are open to due to a tunnel - vision effect.


10 RasenShuriken

With this, the user makes a rasengan with shuriken - like blades of wind sticking out of it. It travels faster than sound, and explosed on contact. Now, before you vote this for #1, keep in mind that without the Rinnegan or a natural affinity for Wind Release, you pretty much can't make one. And also, if you miss, well, everyone, including you, pretty much dies.

The Contenders

11 Multi - Shadow Clone Technique

With this, the user does the shadow clone technique, except instead of several clones you make a couple hundred. However, without enormous chakra reserves, you and your clones will have a dangerously low amount of chakra. Then its likely you'll die. Even then, when the situation is serious enough to use this technique, you might want to keep most of your chakra in one place, for powerful ninjutsu. However, at the end of the day, this technique still rocks.

12 Byakugan
13 Chidori

um no

14 Great Waterfall Technique

Ever been pounded by waves and knocked down? With this you can do the same to the target, except likely to knock them out. The user shoots an enormous wave of water up in the air, and it comes down in a colossal wave. Pretty strong.

15 Kirin
16 Chibaku Tensei

See Madara's one.

17 Planetary Rasengan
18 The Infinite Tsukuyomi

How is this not on the list? It literally puts the entire WORLD under a genjutsu! The Fourth Great Ninja War was fought to stop this jutsu!

19 Byakugou
20 Limbo
21 Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

So broken and m'boy Neji is the one who does it!

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