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1 Haruka Kanata - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

I picked since it was top on the list

Love the Chunin Exams. Best Part of Naruto. Although Lovers is the best for Shippuden.

2 Sadness and Sorrow


A song that connects you and the characters emotionally no rating exists to express how well composed it is👏

I cried... I still am crying... And I will keep crying if I ever hear this theme again... The deaths... The sad pasts... We always feel like crying watching them... One reason for that is because of this background music... ! AMAZING... !

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3 The Rising Fighting Spirit
4 Yurayura - Hearts Grow
5 Go!!! - Nakahoribashi UListen to Sample
6 Wind - Akeboshi UListen to Sample
7 No Boy, No Cry - Stance Punks
8 Itachi's Theme

Itachi's always the best of the best of the best... His theme deserves to be here... All the hardships Itachi had faced... And becoming evil for the sake of the village... It's amazingly painful while watching all the sad moments and hearing this theme... I'll cry...

9 Blue Bird - Ikimonogakari

Best naruto song ever for me♥

10 Girei - Pain's Theme Song

Hot dam it sound good

Shinra Tensei!

The Contenders

11 Sign - Flow

This is the most emotional naruto opening song

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12 Distance - Long Shot Party
13 Akatsuki's Theme

Deadly... Alarming... A theme that warns us that the Akatsuki is dangerous... Ooh... This one is frightening... !

14 Seishun Kyosokyoku - Sambomaster
15 Naruto's Theme

Amazing... Amazing... Amazing... Nothing else... Always INSPIRING... ! Naruto rocks... And this theme shows all the rocking stuff he did... He's always amazing... And his theme is just as amazing as he is... !

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16 Toumei Datta Sekai - Motohiro Hata UListen to Sample
17 Lovers - 7!! UListen to Sample
18 Victory Theme

I just love this theme... It's just so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, GREAT... ! It shows us the true happiness of victory... And Naruto's promise of never giving up... Always with the THUMB UP. !

19 Assault Rock - The Cro-Magnons
20 Namikaze Satellite - Snowkel UListen to Sample
21 Newsong - Tacica
22 Re:member - Flow

Personal Favorite, Was the theme when I was getting into Naurto

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23 Diver - Nico Touches the Walls UListen to Sample
24 Moshimo - Daisuke
25 Departure to the Front Lines

I love this... It was... Is... And always will be the best... ! The determination for victory and oath to never leave your comrades' sides is emphasized in this amazing theme in the form of music... Best... Best... Best... BEST... !

26 Pain's Theme - L'Orchestra Numerique

Ooooh... This one is epic... Deadly... And is fearfully painful... (painful, I.E. , sorrowful)...

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27 Sasuke's Theme

I just love this one... Sasuke's cold attitude and arrogance is emphasized in this theme... It's just as awesome as Sasuke...

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28 Sakura's Theme

Girly one... But a nice one... Sakura's theme suits only on her...

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29 Ino's Theme

Okay... Just like Ino... This is a nice, sexy theme... !

30 Kokuten
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1. Sadness and Sorrow
2. Haruka Kanata - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
3. Yurayura - Hearts Grow


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