Top 10 Naruto Wikias/Forums

Here is a little list of the best forums for naruto fans and where to go to on a busy day! This list is 100% accurate and its about helping out those low sites become something bigger!

The Top Ten

1 Naruto (Official Website)

Has everything about the Naruto series but without the fanfic!

EVERYTHING you need to know is on this site everything official! - MrSinister

2 Naruto Wikia

A Wikia for the series with nearly 5,000+ informational (official) sources Has everything about the Naruto series but without the fanfic! - MrSinister

3 Naruto Fanon Wikia

Here people can make their own characters and such but the admins are very but highest known of the wikia fanon series. - MrSinister

4 Naruto RPG Saga

Got a big thing for RPG and following a base roleplay series? Join this epic Forumotion own Naruto fan website GREAT Members and great users! Best part it has good given moderators. - MrSinister

5 Naruto Nexus

One of the best growing Naruto Forums to go to! They have the best staff and system for Naruto Roleplayers! You are highly needed to join this! - MrSinister

6 Naruto RPG Universe/Naruto Fanon World

It's a good site to join... but kinda inactive but overall nice.

They are growing and ranked 4th because of how much they love the series from free links to giving out sources of 100% accuracy. They own both a forum and a Naruto fanon wikia! If you like a active Admin and a free bunch of roleplaying...JOIN IT! - MrSinister

7 Leaf Ninja

A Wikia type forum with half the basic information of the actual wikia with a few minor pages with errors but overall a good site to join! - MrSinister

8 Naruto Saga (Forumotion)

One of the biggest but actual low active Naruto fan bases this place is to go nearly 9000+ members but hardly any active staff and or members but hell its fun anyway! So join! - MrSinister

9 Naruto Role Play RPG (Forumotion)

A active site yes but with abusive Moderators but don't worry the founder is active and he is one of the best! - MrSinister

10 Naruto Forums

Highly known site to stay away from members and staff are rude and can't be trusted with information. - MrSinister

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