Top 10 Naruto Wikias/Forums

Here is a little list of the best forums for naruto fans and where to go to on a busy day! This list is 100% accurate and its about helping out those low sites become something bigger!

The Top Ten

1 Naruto (Official Website)

Has everything about the Naruto series but without the fanfic!

EVERYTHING you need to know is on this site everything official! - MrSinister

2 Naruto Wikia

A Wikia for the series with nearly 5,000+ informational (official) sources Has everything about the Naruto series but without the fanfic! - MrSinister

3 Naruto Fanon Wikia
4 Naruto RPG Saga

Got a big thing for RPG and following a base roleplay series? Join this epic Forumotion own Naruto fan website GREAT Members and great users! Best part it has good given moderators. - MrSinister

5 Naruto Nexus

One of the best growing Naruto Forums to go to! They have the best staff and system for Naruto Roleplayers! You are highly needed to join this! - MrSinister

6 Naruto RPG Universe/Naruto Fanon World V 2 Comments
7 Leaf Ninja

A Wikia type forum with half the basic information of the actual wikia with a few minor pages with errors but overall a good site to join! - MrSinister

8 Naruto Saga (Forumotion)

One of the biggest but actual low active Naruto fan bases this place is to go nearly 9000+ members but hardly any active staff and or members but hell its fun anyway! So join! - MrSinister

9 Naruto Role Play RPG (Forumotion)

A active site yes but with abusive Moderators but don't worry the founder is active and he is one of the best! - MrSinister

10 Naruto Forums

Highly known site to stay away from members and staff are rude and can't be trusted with information. - MrSinister

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