Greatest NASCAR Races of All Time

The ultimate countdown to pride of the fast lanes greatest installments. WARNING: A lot of them were won by Dale Earnhardt. Description of what happened in the box so you can see if you can remember as well as comment.

The Top Ten

1 1992 Hooter's 500

Richard Petty's last race and Jeff Gordon's first. It also had a championship battle that climaxed in only a ten point differential. Bill Elliott won the race, but Alan Kulwicki won the title - greatesttop10s

2 1979 Daytona 500

On the last lap Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough wrecked and got into a fight which drew in millions of viewers to watch the sport for years to come. Race was won by Richard Petty - greatesttop10s

3 1998 Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt FINNALY wins a race that he has been overdue for his entire career - greatesttop10s

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4 2003 Carolina Dodge Dealer's 400

The closest finish in history between Kurt Busch and Ricky Craven. Craven won by 0.002 seconds - greatesttop10s

5 1987 Winston

Were people began to truly recognize Dale Earnhardt as the next great driver as he won with the ever famous "Pass in the Grass" - greatesttop10s

6 2007 Daytona 500

Kevin Harvick nips Mark Martin in one of the tightest contested Daytona 500's ever. - greatesttop10s

7 2000 Winston 500

This was a masterpiece of driving. No other race displays that prowess like Dale did in this race. Hands down unquestionably the greatest race of all time.

Dale Earnhardt comes from 16th to first in only rhree laps to win - greatesttop10s

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8 1988 Daytona 500

A father-son 1-2 finish between Bobby and Davey allison. Bobby Wins - greatesttop10s

9 2001 Cracker Barrel 500

Kevin Harvick defeats Jeff Gordon in only his third start as a replacement for Dale Earnhardt - greatesttop10s

10 2009 Aaron's 499 at Dega

Brad Keselowski wrecks Carl Edwards which ends in the destruction of the Talledega fence and a win for Keselowski - greatesttop10s

The Contenders

11 2001 Pepsi 400

The first race at Daytona after the death of Dale Earnhardt, and Dale Jr. wins it. That finish was exactly what NASCAR needed at the time.

The greatest ever. Mike and Jr. embracing after win is second in greatest all time sports moments only to 1980 hockey gold medal.

12 1994 Brickyard 400

Jeff Gordon wins on the hollowed grounds that host the greatest spectacle in racing - greatesttop10s

13 2014 Bank of America 500 V 1 Comment
14 2011 Ford 400

The final race of the 2011 season, with a very close championship battle between Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart. After the race, they were tied in points, and Stewart won the championship on account of winning more races (5 compared to Edwards's 1)

15 1976 Daytona 500

Richard Petty and David Pearson wreck on the last lap and Pearson wins while Petty is unable to get restarted - greatesttop10s

16 2000 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 500

CLASSIC...The all-time Atlanta wins leader Dale Earnhardt (9) vs the #2 ranked all-time Atlanta Bobby Labonte (6) go to war in the closing laps at Atlanta. Not only were these two drivers the two winnings drivers in Atlanta's history but they were also 1st & 2nd in points battling for a championship...Earnhardt wins the battle by mere inches, however Labonte wins the title by 265 over Earnhardt.

17 1959 Daytona 500

A photo finish between Lee Petty and Johnny Beauchamp, with Beauchamp declared the winner. After NASCAR officials studied photos and film footage, the result was reversed three days later, with Petty declared the winner. - GrahamClayton

18 1993 Daytona 500

Dale Jarrett passes Dale Earnhardt on the last lap and wins with the race being called by his father - greatesttop10s

19 2004 Ford 400

The first season finale in the Chase format, which results in a tight finish. Kurt Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson enter the race with a title shot. Busch wins the title by 8 points over Johnson. Greg Biffle, Busch's teammate, wins the race - greatesttop10s

20 2014 AAA Texas 500

Good fight at the end of the race. Brad Keselowski slams Jeff Gordon and cuts his tire. Then Jeff beats that horse up postrace

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