Top 10 Nastiest Saw Traps from Movies 5-7

The bloodiest, nastiest and most disgusting traps from Saw 5-7.

The Top Ten

1 The Acid Needle Room - Saw 6

Impaled with thousands of needles, and body injected with ACID. - Hey_Cruel-World

2 The Brazen Bull Oven - Saw 7

Getting burned alive in an oven. And her death wasn't fast either. - Hey_Cruel-World

3 The Glass Coffin - Saw 5

Literally crushed between two walls. - Hey_Cruel-World

4 The Silence Circle - Saw 7

Impaled with four metal rods, while having a key pulled from her STOMACH. - Hey_Cruel-World

5 The Impalement Wheel - Saw 7

Getting impaled through the eyes and mouth with three metal rods. - Hey_Cruel-World

6 Pound Of Flesh - Saw 6

Having to cut off as many flesh as possible, and the person who cuts off the least flesh gets two SCREWS drilled inside his brain. - Hey_Cruel-World

7 The Pendulum Trap - Saw 5

Cut in half with a pendulum. - Hey_Cruel-World

8 The Horsepower Trap - Saw 7

Having to rip off his BACK to save 4 people including himself. - Hey_Cruel-World

9 The Lawnmowers - Saw 7

Ripped to shreds with a couple of lawnmowers. - Hey_Cruel-World

10 The Reverse Bear Trap - Saw 7

Mouth permanently ripped open. - Hey_Cruel-World

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1. The Acid Needle Room - Saw 6
2. The Brazen Bull Oven - Saw 7
3. The Glass Coffin - Saw 5


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