Nastiest Things to Step On In the Dark


The Top Ten

1 Poop

Gross. I accidentally stepped in goose poop at soccer practice once, and didn't even realize it until we got to the car.

I've stepped in poop a few times but not in the dark. - Lunala

Ug! Have you ever been running around in your yard at night shoeless, and happen to have a dog? Ugh. - MoldySock

Yes, MoldySock. Yes, I have.

2 A rotting carcass of an old woman

Yucky yuck! That don't gonna happen to me, no!
Glad your making', American Britgirl! - HezarioSeth

Worse than poo - Lunala

Grandma? Where is the light? Grandma? Ew, I stepped in something sticky! - MoldySock

3 Menstrual blood

Ugh, you may not think it's possible, but go to a ghetto school bathroom, that stuff is smeared all over - MoldySock

In 5th grade some idiot I accidentally sat on someone else's blood because they didn't wipe the seat. Eww. It was so nasty. - Lunala

That stuff is nasty. Actually done it before. It actually ruined a pair of my Js before - AlexHeiberg

MoldySock, you are a crazy gal, but you are funny and I like you. This list is great! Haha! - Britgirl

4 Vomit

I'm not sure if this is grosser than stepping in poop, or not.

5 Snot
6 Dirty underwear
7 A Landmine

AHH! A LAND MINE! *blows up* *guts everywhere*

8 Quicksand
9 A Bear Trap

That would hurt!

10 A soggy piece of bread

Not as bad as poop, dead people, etc - Lunala

The Contenders

11 A Rabid Squirrel
12 MoldySock

Yeah. She won't like this at all. And you'd get a shock to the system. - PositronWildhawk

13 A Machine Gun

Well, One direction, here I come! - AnonymousChick

14 Cactus


15 An Electric Eel
16 Used Condoms I really need to explain?

17 Laptop
18 An Egg

You would get shells in your feet and the slimy yolks and albumen will feel gross. - Lunala

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