Top 10 National Cricket Teams of 2014


The Top Ten

1 India

Hey you foolish countries India is the best

Best team to chase big targets. Best batting order in the world.

India is the best cricket team in the world. Many good players are there

Dhonice is the best player in the world of the most popular and the surrounding area

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2 Pakistan

Pakistani is very good with youngest players

Haha, They won more games then India, Then India has won against them. - junaid343

Pakistan please strong your batting

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3 South Africa

South Africa should be number one on this list

4 Australia

Australia should be number 1! India is so consistent how are they number 1? - snehab

Australia should num 1. This a great team in cricket. I think no other team is so great as Australia.

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5 England

Brother... England is a very good team and doesn't deserve 6TH PLACE! - Adron

6 Sri Lanka V 4 Comments
7 New Zealand

New Zealand is really bad especially Brendon and Kane

WORST TEAM EVER... You gotta see terrible batsmen like LUKE RONCHI and Horrible Bowlers especially MITCHELL MCCLENAGHAN Who will bowl like an idiot

8 West Indies
9 Bangladesh

Joy Bangla, come on tigers, give your best shot, you know you can do it! All the best!

10 Ireland

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11 Afghanistan V 1 Comment
12 Zimbabwe V 1 Comment
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