Top 10 National Football Teams of 2012

The Top Ten National Football Teams of 2012

1 Spain

Spain has best teamwork and passing ability around the world and can really defend their title in world cup 2014.

Casillas is a total boss, & quite possibly the best goalie in the world. The only goalie that stands near him is Peter Czech. With overall greatness, even an American admits Spain is good.

In 2014, the title is out of these 4. Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Spain because of their style are more likely to hold on through the humidity and the heat of rio de janero and brail

Spain is the best and casillas is the best goalie in history!

2 Germany

It must be a great honour to even get a shot on target against Germany, let alone score. Brazil, Spain, Argentina, France and more really only have 3-4 world class players and 7-8 quite good players. Germany have 11 very good players who have probably got the best linkup play in the history of football.

All the German players work as one in the field which is very rare...

Germany has some of the best players! They should be number 2!

Best team with best midfield!

3 Brazil

Neymar will bring them to the top in 2014. They are setting up a very talented team for the next world cup!

Brazil has now a very young team. After two or three years it will be so much ferocious I think because Brazil team has Neymar, Hulk, Lucas Moura. It has also huge chance to win the world cup 2014 because the venue is Brazil...!

Really good young players and some experienced players make a brilliant squad

It's the best team in the world and will be for ever

4 Argentina

That country in going up so Argentina is the best. East west Argentina is the best

Really and with Messi I believe they can win any match - zabster367

Messi is 2 pelli and argentina won any match with messi is best player of the world

Messi, agureo make great diff

5 England

With England's current mix of youth and experience I wouldn't count them out. Expect a good run at the cup and I can even see them winning and Wilshere/cleverley will absolutely destroy the likes of France and holland.

Three Lions are bringing it home. - englishlady

Hey Matt Sulman Nick

6 Portugal

Portugal is one of the best teams in this world

The only team that made spain sweat in euro 2012

Portugal are the best at attaking because Ronaldo skills are good

7 Italy

Italy is best football team in world Italy can beat spain very easily I believe that


8 Holland (Netherlands)

No, Holland should swap places with Portugal, they got into the final of the World Cup, although they didn't even get out the group stages of the euro, it was because they were tired of coming FIRST place in the qualifying, better than the rest

The Netherlands are much better than England

9 France

Wallah la france c laid mes yeur

10 Belgium

The Contenders

11 Indonesia

You know what, the best national team is not how big they reach a title, but the best national team looks about how proud the people of their national team, and WE PROUD OF YOU INDONESIA!

Up up up INDONESIA, my blood n my soul.

Indonesia is the best national team in asia and world

Indonesia is the first national football club in the ASEAN who participated in the World Cup

12 Japan

This Asian team is rising at greater speed in the world of football and deserves better then Uruguay because they gave very tough time to Uruguay in world cup 2010.

People Japan is no good they're pretty bad

13 Iran

Iran is best

14 Mexico

Mexico is the best

Mexico should be the third behind Brazil and Argentina people seriously what about el Chicharito? Giovanni dossantos? Hugo Sanchez?

15 Algeria

Algeria made South Korea cry it destroyed Russia it made it with Germany 0:0 full time they will at least come semi-finals in 2018 world cup 0r they might win it

Chile, Mexico, USA, Uruguay are all better so learn the teams better dumbo - Spongebob21

16 Uruguay
17 Ireland

Unbeaten in a year and have only conceded 2 in there last 12 matches. Beat Italy 2-0 last year and had a great run in for the European qualifiers, could cause a big upset if they beat Italy again and can qualify in group C along with Spain in the European cup.

18 Ghana
19 India

India can be one of best team of football, with full of talent but lack of support from government, Indians should support football.
Indian player Sunil Chhetri is one of the biggest player currently secong highest goaler after after c.ronaldo,if we count all the international goal He did In world football. But being a team not playing in big league, or in big clubsclubs, he is behind


20 Romania
21 South Korea

Because they got a copper medal on olympiad games

22 Jamaica
23 Egypt
24 Pakistan
25 Czech Republic
26 Poland
27 Colombia

Colombia is 37th! Are you KIDDING ME? None of these people even know about football! HOW IS INDONESIA #10?!

James Rodriguz will make Columbia win 2014 world cup

28 Bangladesh
29 United States
30 Turkey
31 Chile

Alexis Sanchez, Matias Fernandez or Arturo Vidal, are just a few examples of this beautiful team!

32 China
33 Greece
34 Jordan
35 Tunisia
36 Philippines
37 Kenya
38 Republic of Congo
39 San Marino
40 Australia
41 South Africa

They are really good

42 Paraguay
43 Honduras

Honduras to me is one of the best in North America. there in the world cup in 2014 and in 2010 I think in 2010 we got really good teams in are group like Spain chille and Switzerland if we get some bad teams in are group we could make the round of 16. were ayoung team so wacth out in they will come out hard

44 Croatia
45 Sri Lanka
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