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181 Johnny Jeex
182 Kaman V 4 Comments
183 Bebo Secody V 4 Comments
184 D Lo

Metaphors and lyrics staying sick with it

Yet 2 be hear but trust homie is a beast

V 2 Comments
185 Tomahawk V 3 Comments
186 A.K.A.

Best native artist heard recently. Has his own sound and has knowledge. Thumbs up!

V 1 Comment
187 Smoke (RezHeadz)

Smoke is the truth! All these artists combined ain't done as many shows as him! He's had the Native market on lock, and is still out here getting it!

Smoke has been putting it down for Native Americans since the early 90s! Smoke is the founder and one of the biggest Names in the Native American Circuit. Both Hio Hop Artisy and Motivational Speaker, Smoke has done more than 760 shows in the past 5 years!
27 time Award winner and the first Native to feature as top 10 chart Independent Arttist.

V 1 Comment
188 InflaRed

InflaRed can deliver a chopper flow, or a calm personality and switch up to any style. Been making beats and secretly ghosting for over 10 years.

This guy is the most rawest crazy sickest native rapper and has rhymes that out do Eminem

189 Lil Spade
190 Bigg B

Represent the Sacred Ground entertainment!

191 War Child
192 DJ Abel
193 Rollin Littileben V 1 Comment
194 Chief Squad
195 Natay
196 Benny Bling
197 Rollin Fox V 1 Comment
198 Chief

The guy that sang with snoop dogg

199 Jay Diamond Taliman

JayDiamond Taliman The guy that played sports for window rock high school home of the fighting scouts mostly reconized for playing basketball was a good athlete, he was not only good at sports he was a smart kid in high school who had a 4.0 gpa, besides that he is a good rapper with good songs search him on YouTube and his songs should come up

200 Manoz
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