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41 Tactile

Lyrically... Conceptually... Sonically, no Native Rapper comes close. I just wish he put out more material than one project.

He's so FINE! Saw him in Canada onetime on Canada Day! - MsSkinnySkin

42 Deuces

Grip a lot Family Congratulates Deuces On This Sicctastic Achievement

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43 Ashkii Lee

Illest kid around

One of the realest

Real as they come


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44 Joey Stylez

When it come to best of the abs or nativericas. I follow hip-hop & music in general. This list must not go by who is doing what. If it comes down to the amount of people heard his music Joey would win! He has a style people in general want to hear along with a fashion sense that is well up to date! With that said I feel all this voting is bogus if Joey is in the 40s.

45 Philthy Fresh the Chief

If your looking for the truth. This is It original Lakota in the modern day struggle trying to make the people's struggle heard.

Love his music it portrays a Real Struggle from the rez to the city.

That's my boy right here drop that like!

That's my native! Keep doing your thing Fam'

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46 Shortie

Brian Yazzie better known by his stage name as Shortie is a Native American Rapper of the Navajo Din'e tribe. shortie is from window rock Arizona and has been rapping for quote sometime now he has already done some collabarations with artist such as Zig zag of nb ridaz. Troublesome and mallow mac. if he keeps up his work I think we could se a native rapper bound to go mainstream.

Put this one on top! The Native Don't Stop!

Really? I mean come on really? Why is shortie ranked 75th? Come on people this guy deserves to be ranked higher in the top 10 I would say!

My favortie din/e rapper

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47 Apache Savage

Grip a lot Records

'the truth' really hit close to the heart for me.

48 Bigg Ceaser

Honoured to be on this list

All the way my. Friend.

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49 Dead Indians V 1 Comment
50 Shining Soul V 3 Comments
51 K-Town Villain

I produce this guy, he's dedicated, speaks his mind and isn't about getting to the mainstream, all about the underground and keeping it real hip hop

52 Fred Benz

Enjoy the music keep your head up and keep going with the music

Grow up watccn him put in work on the rez now he's sing about the way life on the rezs good n the bad..
Keep it up big homie

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53 Red Power Squad

Their work with youth and indigenous communities shows true spirit beyond just show boating. Much Love!

A strong message for all. Conway speaks from his heart.

54 Crook Nation

Crook Nation putting Oklahoma on the map! 405-580-918

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55 TiG

One track from this guy and your sure to get snagged up in all sorts of ways

The lyrics don't lie.. Youtube that boy or Google em he got bars for days.. 1200

The hardest native rapper..


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56 Nomadic

Up north lyrical legend

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57 Bigg Dave

Grip a lot Records

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58 Baby Shel
59 Dephkilla Deville

Dope lyrics, great word play pick beats to fit his style and abilities. #DARKHYPHY Movement is in full throttle

One of the most lyrically talented rappers in the underground today.

Deph is among the few incredibly talented, dedicated & hard working Artist in the game bringing a style all his own into his tracks...

Intelligent rhyme structures with positive messages of perseverance. This natives chopping skills are on point like pencils... #DHM4Life

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60 2ndBornSon

Dope on the Mic and on the Beats Highly respect by fellow artists too!

Rawest Native Spitting. I believe it.

2nd born son is by far the best native emcee here reppn in ndn country... KINFOLK FAM!... the 49POET

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