Best Native American Rappers

Native Rappers make a great deal of social-political commentary on numerous issues from racism, to political corruptions and social injustice.

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61 King KEO

He's am awesome rapper. With a sexy voice haha

Grip a lot Records

62 Krooked Mindz Ent.

Superbly innovative. Raw bold talent

These guys should be in the top ten there always working and building ties outside of ethnic barriers, which is really cool to see.

Hopi/Comanche Born in the state of Az have become some of the most Universal and most prolific Hip Hop Artists to climb the underground Music Ladder. Notorious for working Quietly behind the music scene. Literally raised on the Hot streets of Phoenix, Az this group well known for its Gritty Personality and well known hustle tactics are sure to have a Firm foundation in the unusual world of Hip Hop. 28/777

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63 PozLyrix

All the way to Australia I hear the war cry. Salute

Poz is a living testament to what Hip Hop was and still is. Nothing but love.

I respect how Poz dropped his album Chicago Native right round Thanksgiving time, something to really give thanks for

I have worked with PozLyrix and he is one of the illest Native Hiphop artists from doing youth Empowerments for the childern up in Bad River Wiscosin to Rocking his Cd Release Party all the way down to Paint Louis event. Respect to the 7Odddities Recrods Crew they grind Hard

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64 Blest One

This the homie! This cat NEEDS to be in the top ten

Won the Nammy with Tribal Live, Nominated again for "Blest with Skills", and would have won again with "Rise Above" Album.

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65 CalAnubis

Grip a lot Records

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66 Nick Lone

Most talented artist from the native community I've heard

Hottest native American rapper out of the 716. Respect due...

Straight up good music. Member of the sesneca nation of Indians in New York and pushed units. Dubbed as"the next big thing"in the winter issue of native max magazine! And will be touring soon with culture shock original (record label) this goes to show what hard work. Honesty. Loyalty. And dedication can pull. Stay tune add nick lone on fb.

Dope native!

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67 Project X

He's the owner of Studio X, northern Az top label... These guys made big moves and actually do shows and do business with the big artists. X just got out prison and has been on his grind

68 J.O.C.

He's my family relative awesome cousin and a great artist on the rise!

One of the most talented native artists on the rise. He's also a Mohawk from Akwesasne who reps where he's from

Very dope native artist! Can't wait to hear more from this talented Mohawk!

If this you Rob! You are badass!

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69 Jay Liotta "MHP"

Wassup Florida!

70 N8iveBro
71 Animal Teef

I know this list is long and this dude isn't that known yet, but I've heard some of the other music from dudes on here and respectively, A teef is coming for your candy heart

Unmatched in lyric and flow. This emcee out of Pine Ridge is someone to watch for sure. Smart, witty and pointed, more than entertainment.

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72 Rob King

Rob has been an aspiring artist since the first time I met him. His lyrics speak truth and the tracks that stuck out the most for me were the ones he poured out his heart & soul. Rob you are an inspiration to many out there! Love the song 'Over and Over'!

The flow on this kid and he is relevant to this time a true artist with many stories to be told in his life still living that life a native rapper truly on the come up!

"He's original and his flows are amazing... A very talented man to reckon w I support his music 1000percent... Hope to hear more! "

This is Blakbird Digital and robs been my boy since day one used to kick it and spit 16s.

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73 Big Trubb
74 Freddy Rueger

You will always be the best in my boo!

This guy throws it down. Killed it!

Great job jeep it up praying you make it

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75 Short Dawg

Great tunes, voice, words, videos and heart.

Short Dawg the Native is dope. He has a huge heart and puts out well produced music. His song "I love Cali" is a banger!

Short Dawg the Native. West Coast.

Most talented musician. lyrically, and musically

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76 Btaka

A pioneer in the game since his Indian Funk record. Has baptized a lot of rappers music across America since the 90's with his beats. Produced Rolling Fox's Nammy Award winning album "Strictly Native". Still is one of my top native hip hop albums out there. Word up!

77 Jayo Sav

I don't care what nobody says this native right here is a real rapper not a studio rapper that talks about stuff that's irrelevant its all real life and real talent. Last of a dyin breed. TOMMY GUNZ

He's my nephew and of course I believe he should be #1

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78 Tru St8ment

A young group of emcees who's style is replicated by many artists in the same area, these unknowns have always brought a new and exciting flavor to the table in the area of Rosebud SD.

79 Savage Family

They are an Non-profitable Native Hip-Hop group that speak for the unheard and for the people who don't have a voice in the world. Really, a great group of guys who not only work with adults but with children as well. A great community of people that love with give and help with whatever they can speak on.

The voice of the voiceless

In my top 10 of Native rappers, Hatred and Walking with the Dead are special songs for me, I relate very much to what they say

The streets and the rez are bumpin savage fam-Only group that spits revolution and are respected and listened to by all walks of life

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80 Def-I

Definitely-i I don't really know him but people told me he got mad skills

Paid dues and is apart of the freshest crew in the southwest. Mad props!

Dopest of all Native MCs. Skull Control Records! 505 Native Pride Rez Life!

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