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121 Smug Mang
122 Northern Collection

These guys are amazing virtually unknown due to only releasing their first mixtape in 2013 titled warpaint but has been getting great reviews by their peers in the hip hop scene these two love trying to make social change with their music check them out on youtube just type northern collection in the search bar

123 The Individual

In his first year of rapping, wins 2 Oasis Music Chart awards. Works with Oklahoma rap legend G Sharp on his label Purpose Driven Music Group. Lyrical prowess. Words like birds flying over your head. May need a dictionary after listening to The Individual. Aka The Indian Visual

124 Yung E

My babe was always number 1. Nobody ever topped him!

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125 The No Name Native

This guy has one video on YouTube. It's about his grandpa. He's ojibwe and he's got potential. Check him out.

This dude is navajo and ojibwe. He has some potential. He can master his skills. I've looped his songs about 10 or 11 times

126 Nokwa

From Akwesasne Mohawk Territory reppin that Warrior n Hustler Music. A Master Microphone Controller that can go toe to toe with any MC written or free styled. NOKWA-WARRIORS BLOOD available on iTunes

127 Dezert Banditz

Unorthodox in all aspects of the craft. ILLMETHTILDETH. All The Rest is Methadone.

128 Endemic MC

AKA Nick Freamon.
Definitely on top of his game as far as beats and lyrics are concerned.

129 Deya
130 Big Chief Rocka
131 Saint Mike
132 Kaz West (Wolf-Tribe)

Man don't got much to say just I think that your really good man

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133 Rome Hill

Another 905 artist making some noise.. he has different styles for all areas of rap/hip-hop..

134 Ashkii Riderz Ent V 1 Comment
135 Shade
136 Rez-il

Hailing from the cracks of the Navajo Nation, not only the illest MC to ever point perspective into a microphone, but the founder of "il-Realla Mixtapes" and so much more mad flavor.

137 Traxx4dayz

Native hip hop producer and lyricist.. New Mexico born..

138 NoFaceSavage

This kid is timeless he got his own style and rarely remixes any mainstream hits everything I heard from no face has been based around his own flow the only negative thing I can say is he needs to put out more material. A mixtape would be a smart step for the kid

139 Samian

Anishnaabe pride who sings in both Algonquin and French languages. A rapper and a gentleman!

140 MexiRed
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