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141 Philly & Chuy
142 Eddie P.
143 Kam Speech
144 Shadowyze
145 Pipes Dirty

East Coast Hip Hop Artist.

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146 Native Era
147 Boguez
148 K.A.S.P

K.A.S. P is one of the most underrated MC's!
I love the tracks he did with Chino XL, DMC of Run DMC, Moka Only! He is still touring across turtle island today more then any other Native Rapper! Mad Respect to K.A.S. P!

149 Cody Coyote
150 Disrupt

Disrupt started off free-styling in his neighborhood back in "95". Then he began recording his early undergound tapes with "Ashkii Red 1". After his fall out with the system. He continued his solo career as "Disrupt". During that process a group of individuals had came together to form "Trinity Set Sinnaz". After another fall out with the system. He developed his own label and is currently putting Disrupted Mindz Entertainment an official logo and business persona. - krayzie-wayz

151 Trinity Set Sinnaz
152 Northkut
153 Kilo Trackz
154 Hawk Yazzie V 3 Comments
155 Makardi

Already Warrior -line forever baby

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156 Az Iconz
157 Redskin
158 N8ve Narrow
159 KingSpadez KillinEm

And I'm still comin up... concrete savage on the rise

160 Ledreagle

Blessings to all the People...#229...Didn't know this list existed...I'm hoping to Bless the People with Indigenous Hip-Hop from Cali and carry our Culture progressively into the Future...Vote - Ledreagle

Tremendous Indigenous Rap Artist! Speaks on many levels of Indigenous life and inner city life. Current albem "Indigenous Warrior! " Look him up on line!

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