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161 Shaggy 2 Dope

yeah I did not know saggy 2 dope wuz native
but now I know, heez bad pree cool lyrics n songs.
juggalo family n native pride!

162 Teddy Redsun

Perfect blessed blend of Heavenly HIP-HOP, & FRESH NATIVEXPRESSTIONS, with all of his honor and glory balenced together in humble strength! BlackfootedBlackfeet, GeraDessiel Simon, apostle, prophesying on Harp srings!

163 Rage Rocc

His music is really inspiring! There is a lot of meaning in his lyrics, a lot of true things come out about our native people! A lot of good advice to our youth!

Best native rapper putting in down for years yall better start recognizing the god given talent

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164 Thr3e. K.S.
165 Wabs WhiteBird
166 Spook
167 Mike Bone

Showed what they had on American Got Talent

168 Cham Kerem
169 KnoX

Knox from the Last Nation Bad Guys been holding it down!

Underground style!

170 War Dog
171 Flying Squirrel
172 Chanel James
173 Preme
174 100% Clicc

Some west coast classic

175 NPC 3
176 BravoNez

Definitely on the come up!

177 Steelz
178 MiguelJon of Unstop Recordz

Talent unheard of, lyrics with resounding effects and finally a mind set on success. Thinking, believing and knowing that failure is not an option; all this can be said about a man who has the courage to push his thoughts and words by and through his music.
Francis Pumkinseed - Lakota Country Times. 2/2013

179 Squirm Dog

Native from pala Rez, when it comes to rap he brings it back.. Talks about what he's been threw as a young gun.. He & his bro Tommy Gun can be found on YouTube, Reverb, & sound cloud as Rezin'8d records

180 The Spaceman: Chaos
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