Top 10 Native/NDN MC's

Native/NDN artists are not represented within Hip Hop all that well. This list is nothing more than my opinion of whom the best MC's representing not only Hip Hop, but more specifically Native Hip Hop. Agree with me or not, the criteria I use to rate our people's MC's are along the lines of Kool Moe Dee's old "rapper report card". I do give a brief description of what got each MC to their position on this list. Other lists offered no explanations, I did re-order that list but posting doesn't bother showing my re-oder. So, here's my list. Chi miigwetch. Apgesh G'che Manidoo jawenimig, anishinaabedog.

The Top Ten

1 Smooth Reign

A fairly new group to hit the scene. This group has a unique style all their own. Their music to me is a fusion of genres ranging from hip hop to rock. One cool note, this group has the top Native American Award winning R&B vocalist in it. Am anxious to see their rise top

These guys are phenomenal! Bringing back Hip Hop to its true roots, Smooth Reign's lyrics are deeply poetic and engaging, touching upon subjects of the human experience.

Woo hoo! You go guys, glad to see you all over the net. Keep making that great music!

Really nice sound, great work my Natives

2 Meta of Circa 360

This Oklahoma City-bred MC/Producer/Graf Writer is possibly one of the most phenomenal MC's, Native or non-Native, rocking a mic. Check for him on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Soundcloud.

Very inspirational lyrics and positive rhythm. I used to listen to him a lot, but I can't seem to find him on the net anymore.

3 G-Six
4 Quese IMC

Another Oklahoma born MC. Quese freestyles like a beast... His own productions are unique and fresh sounding. Definitely look for his live shows or presentations through Culture Shock Camp.

5 Yaiva

Yaiva, Arizona born-n-bred, blatantly says what others will not say, or just beat around the bush attempting to say. Most of what Yaiva tackles lyrically are highly important issues facing NDN Country. He also does this over a wide variety of production styles. Yaiva's always got something new to check for. If you're not checking for his albums and mixtapes, definitely check for the Peace & Balance compilations he releases. The messages he presents, are profound and always passionate.

6 Eekwol

This young Saskatchewan-bred lady has quite a prolific catalog of albums. Incredible MC who can keep up with the guys, and in some cases run over the guys. She's opened shows and worked with several of the West Coast's legends.

7 Buggin Malone

Classic Native legend from Wisconsin (Currently in Minnesota). Long and well known for his tribute to AIM activist Leonard Peltier. A bit more on the gang-styled type of flow, which I'm not the biggest fan of, but his skills still shine through.

8 Supa Man

This Montanan is quite humorous, with many stories to tell. He's also a great freestyler/battle MC.

Supaman is a legend already

9 Wab Kinew

Get his Mide-Sun album. It's incredible! Great MC/CBC Radio Producer from the Winnepeg area. Wab also tackles a lot of issues facing NDN Country, much like Yaiva. Honestly, if I could produce an album with just these two guys on it... and have them both rhyming in Anishinaabemowin, Lakota, Hopi, and Navajo... that would be a dream come true!

10 Big Trubb

Another gang/pimp-styled MC. Not really the sound or style I check for, but this man's skills shine. Trubb can honestly rhyme his ass off!

The Contenders

11 Shortie
12 Orion

One of the future monsters on a mic. Coming up through Yaiva, Orion can rock a beat like crazy. Be on the look out for his current mixtapes and his future projects, as well. Especially check for the Yaiva track (which I produced) titled "Desert to Dubai" featuring Orion. You won't be disappointed.

13 StenJoddi
14 Def-I

I've only heard this guy freestyling. I'd love to check his actual music, but based on his freestyle skills alone, he gets on this list.

15 Litefoot
16 Joey Stylez
17 War Party
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