Top Ten Natural Things That People Find Unnatural

This list consists of things in this world and ourselves that we in modern society deem weird, unattractive, disturbing, or unnatural even though they are indeed natural or were once thought as the norm. Keep in mind that I can't speak for all of society here, so if you don't find something on the list weird then that's okay.

The Top Ten

1 Body Odor/Excessive Sweating Body Odor/Excessive Sweating

Deodorant and antiperspirant have become a basic toiletry item in most modern day homes, but for what reason? Although sweat and odor from sweat is completely normal and harmless (unless there's a threat of dehydration) we still find a need to mask it. - TheYaoiTitanic

2 Obesity

The likelihood of one becoming obese these days has skyrocketed in the last century, and much of the blame can be rightfully thrown on food manufacturers today. - TheYaoiTitanic

3 Homosexuality

As an amateur scientist enthusiast, (speaking from a scientific prospective) homosexuality is indeed natural and is common in many species other than humans. - RockFashionista

Yeah, natural. Right... - RiverClanRocks

In scientific terms, homosexuality is natural. Please don't get into any arguments over this please. - TheYaoiTitanic

4 Bad Breath

Just watch (How Listerine Created Bad Breath by College Humor, it was not in any way made by me) - TheYaoiTitanic

5 Mental Illness

When someone breaks their arm or gets the flu the first thing we do is comfort them. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear mental illness? Many would say crazy. Just something to think about. - TheYaoiTitanic

I have schizophrenia and everyone treats me like I'm a freak. - RockFashionista

I'm sorry to hear that, my dad had schizophrenia so I know how cruel people can be when you or a loved one has it. Its sad. - TheYaoiTitanic

6 Birth Marks

I think people think it's unnatural where it's placed at birth, mine is is a really weird area - Fandom_Lover

Its not teconsidered seen as less unnatural than it is abnormal. - TheYaoiTitanic

7 Body Hair

For women in modern society it is considered unladylike and sometimes disgusting not to shave their underarms and legs, but men don't. As a man I find it hypocritical, but that's none of my business. - TheYaoiTitanic

8 Farting

It is natural, although I find it disgusting. - TheYaoiTitanic

9 Picking Your Nose

Studies have shown that picking your nose can actually lessen your chance of becoming ill. - TheYaoiTitanic

10 Crooked Teeth

Sadly people will pay thousands of dollars just to have a "perfect smile" in modern society. As a person who used to have braces I can say that it isn't worth how much it costs - TheYaoiTitanic

The Contenders

11 Testicles
12 Vomiting

Your body's way of ridding stuff.

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