Greatest Wildlife and Nature TV Presenters

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1 David Attenbourgh

The only man to influence and educate generation after generation in our ever changing world. He proves the beauty of nature simply by existing and making our lives all the better for his presence.
Legend is an overused word, but he is one of few who truly deserve the title.

This man is a legend. Still going strong after all these years. He presents and approaches wildlife in a way that no-one else can do.

I have always admired David since I was a kid. He knows so much about wild life and I still respect him till today.

This man is a legend. He makes learning about animals an epic experience. And as a bonus, the people filming the scenes of the nature film the best scenes. They chose the funniest courtship scene (the bowerbird with deer dung) the most ironic feeding scene (lammergeier drops bone on vulture's head) and the most intense chase scene ever (frigatebird vs tropicbird) on Life of Birds. I would love to see Life of Insects.

2 Steve Irwin Stephen Robert "Steve" Irwin, nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter", was an Australian wildlife expert, television personality, and conservationist.

Steve taught me to appreciate crocodiles and understand there importance. He is sadly missed.

No one wil never show us wildlife like he did. - AgroSpider

He will always be my hero.

Without a doubt!

3 Austin Stevens

This guy's the real deal
He just jumps out of the boat to catch a komodo dragon or plays arond with a reticulated python
Amazing way of telling stories and makes us experience what he's going through

Awesome best herpetologist.he presents the show really well,the best was the encounter with 15 ft king cobra.

4 Jeff Corwin
5 Nigel Marven

Only one to travel back in time.

Welcome to Prehistoric Park!

6 Nick Baker
7 Kate Humble
8 Terri Irwin
9 Chris Packham
10 Matt Baker

The Contenders

11 Jeremy Wade
12 Simon King Simon Henry King is a British television presenter and cameraman, specializing in nature documentaries. King received an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2011.
13 Brady Barr

Dangerous encounters

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