Greatest Naval Battles in History

This lists the greatest, most famous, bloodiest and most epic naval battles in history

The Top Ten

1 Battle of Trafalgar

Without it there would have been no Br itish empire.

2 Battle of Midway
3 Battle of Gravelines
4 Battle of Leyte Gulf
5 Battle of Jutland

Modern weapons employed with 17th century communications. Extraordinary seamanship on both sides saved many lives. No telling how many sailors would have died if the dreadnoughts had engaged each other during the night.

In terms of tonnage it was the largest naval battle in history between the British Grand Fleet and the German Hochseeflotte.

6 Battle of Salamis

A lot less devastating than 16-inch guns, but it's gotta smart, anyway. At least when it's over, the survivors can make salami sandwiches.

7 Battle of Lepanto
8 Battle of Actium
9 Battle of Myeongnyang

Our public schools never mention this in our history class.. No American knew of Korea until
the Korean war. At one time the three kingdoms of Korea was the most powerful in asia.

Because they made it possible for everyone to say it was impossible.

Fought during the Japanese invasions of Korea that came to be known as the Imjin Wars, the Battleof Myeongnyang was a critical and decisive battle fought between 13 Korean warships and over 130 Japanese warships and an additional 200 Japanese supply and troop ships. The Korean navy, under the command of the brilliant Admiral Yi Sun Shin, were able to sink at least 30 Japanese warships and damage another 100 without the loss of a single Korean ship. While not a battle as familiar with western scholars, the battle of Myeongnyang deserves to be remembered in the same vein as battle like Midway and Trafalgar as another classic David vs Goliath like tale.

10 Battle of Tsushima

The Contenders

11 Battle of the Nile
12 Battle of the Atlantic
13 Battle of Surigao Strait
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