Top Ten Best NBA 2K Songs of All-Time

The Top Ten

1 R.O.O.T.S. - Flo Rida

It's just got such a nice beat, really gets you hyped up to play the game.

2 Top of the World - Ace Hood

Take a look at this song now, it's a song that should be at the top of the world.

3 Over - Drake
4 Can't Hold Us - Macklemore

LeBron made a good pick on this one. Such a good song, gets you ready to play.

5 Basketball - Kurtis Blow

What's a better song in a basketball video game than a song about basketball?

6 One Day - Matisyahu

This song gets stuck in your head and makes you believe one day you will make the NBA.

7 Amazing - Kanye West

This song, it's amazing, so amazing. Great song from 2k10 and 2k12. It's in a couple of the games.

8 Run This Town - Jay Z

Great song from 2k13! It gets me ready to play.

9 Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Not sure how good it was for 2k, but I love this song man.

10 Now or Never - Kendrick Lamar

King Kendrick! I like this song because the lyrics really get you ready to play your friends, and realize it's your moment.

The Contenders

11 Not Afraid - Eminem
12 Awesome - XV
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