Top 10 NBA Draft Conspiracies

Here are examples in the NBA draft that prove that it is rigged.

The Top Ten NBA Draft Conspiracies

1 1985: Knicks get Patrick Ewing

In the first draft lottery the biggest market team gets the biggest market player. The Knicks were not supposed to get even close to the number one draft pick that year. - Bronson

Well the balls turn where they may - 2storm

Very weird.

2 2012: Hornets get Anthony Davis

The LEAGUE OWNED New Orleans Hornets got the number one pick in the draft that year. - Bronson

3 2003: Cavaliers get LeBron James

Was it just a coincidence that the Cavaliers win the lottery the year that HOMETOWN star LeBron James is available? - Bronson

4 2008: Bulls get Derrick Rose

By the way I am a Bulls fan. The Bulls got Derrick Rose with the first pick in the draft, and the Bulls only had a 1.7% chance of getting the number one pick that year. - Bronson

5 2011: Cavaliers get Kyrie Irving

They did horrible the last year - 2storm

Was it just coincidence that the Cavs got the number one draft pick the year after LeBron left for Miami? - Bronson

6 The Bucks and Raptors get No. 1 picks when Bogut and Bargnani are available

Sure when Yao Ming and LeBron James are available a popular franchise or the franchise of the hometown hero get those picks, but when players like Andrew Bogut and Andrea Bargnani are available, small franchises like the Bucks and the Raptors get those picks. - Bronson

7 2016: Dikembe Mutombo prediction

This may be nothing, but wasn't it weird that Dikembe Mutombo congratulated the Sixers on acquiring the first pick just an hour before they actually did get the first pick? - Bronson

8 2010: Wizards get John Wall

The Wizards got the number one draft pick right after a terrible season and the Arenas-Crittenton gun incident. - Bronson

9 1993: Magic get Chris Webber

Was it a coincidence that the year after the Magic drafted Shaquille O'Neal, they would get the number one pick again? - Bronson

10 2007: Trail Blazers get Greg Oden

The Supersonics were threatened to relocate so despite the fact that they got the second pick in the draft, they still managed to get the much better player out of Kevin Durant overtop of the Blazers pick, Greg Oden. Of course, the Supersonics still relocated. - Bronson

**Greg Oden- see "Biggest NBA draft busts of all time"

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