Top Ten Best NBA Players on the Chicago Bulls Coming Into the 2018-19 Season

The Chicago Bulls are a up and coming team. They could maybe even make the playoffs let's look at some of the best player on this team.

The Top Ten

1 Zach LaVine Zach LaVine

You know how the Pacers were the surprise team in the playoffs in 2018? That's what I'm predicting the Bulls to be next year. - phillysports

Zach Lavine is a amazing player and could maybe even be a all-star. Be is the leader of this young, but good core. - 2storm

2 Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is coming off a injury and hopefully he can bounce ands be really good. - 2storm

3 Lauri Markkanen Lauri Markkanen

He should be able to make a big season. He should at least be able to sustain what he did last year. - 2storm

4 Kris Dunn

After a big bounce back season he should be able to consistently improve on his third season. - 2storm

5 Wendell Carter Jr Wendell Carter Jr

A rookie. He will be a good all around piece for the Bulls. - 2storm

6 Bobby Portis

Portis will be a really nice 6th man for the Bulls. - 2storm

7 Denzel Valentine

He might be starting for this team and he should be making some good stuff happen. - 2storm

8 Robin Lopez Robin Lopez

Don't know how much he will play because he is particularly irrelevant now. - 2storm

9 Chandler Hutchinson

A rookie he will get some valuable minutes behind Denzel. - 2storm

10 Cameron Payne

A nice backup to Dunn. - 2storm

The Contenders

11 Antonius Cleveland
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