Greatest NBA Players Over Seven Feet Tall

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1 Shaquille O Neal Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, nicknamed Shaq, is a retired American professional basketball player who is currently an analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. He is known for his fun, friendly personality, and is one of the most beloved athletes of all time.

Big talent, big success, even bigger personality

VERY arguable; Wilt and Kareem were substantially better.

Arguably the most dominant Center of All Time. - anthonybecerra831

2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an American retired professional basketball player who played 20 seasons in the National Basketball Association for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.
3 Wilt Chamberlain Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain was an American basketball player . He was born on August 21, 1936 in Philadelphia and died on October 12, 1999 in Los Angeles due to heart failure . more.

If you voted for someone else you must be either drunk or delusional. The man was the greatest player ever, and it’s not really close. In everyone of his first 8 years he averaged more than 30/20 (points and rebounds).

4 Hakeem Olajuwon Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon, formerly known as Akeem Olajuwon, is a Nigerian-American retired professional basketball player.

Definitely not 7 feet tall, this is a well known fact. Many players heights are exaggerated on their team roster.

Google is your friend, but not if you just read the thumbnail. Try Googling "NBA players real height", it will open your eyes. I repeat, he is 6-9.5.

Not 7 feet tall. His barefoot height is 6-9.5.

5 David Robinson David Maurice Robinson is an American former professional basketball player, who played center for the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association for his entire career.
6 Robert Parish
7 Dirk Nowitzki Dirk Werner Nowitzki is a German professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association.
8 Patrick Ewing Patrick Aloysius Ewing (born August 5, 1962) is a Jamaican-American retired Hall of Fame basketball player and current head coach of the Georgetown University men's basketball team.

Only a little over six foot nine, all true Knicks fans know this.

9 Yao Ming Yao Ming is a Chinese basketball executive and retired professional basketball player who played for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association and the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

The biggest basketball international sensation of our generation - anthonybecerra831

10 Dikembe Mutombo

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11 Artis Gilmore
12 Arvydas Sabonis

The greatest "what if" in basketball history. World's second-best center [behind only Kareem] during the Cold War, he was trapped on the USSR national team. By the time he got to the NBA, he was old and nearly crippled after numerous surgeries, but his sound basketball fundamentals and massive size still allowed him to have a solid few years.

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