2018 Sacramento Kings Off-Season Preview

So the Kings future finally looking up. They have one of the best young cores in the league and can really build on it in the off season.

Last Year's Roster
PG De'Aaron Fox
SG Buddy Heild
SF Bogdan Bogdanovich
PF Skal Labissiere
C Willie Cauley-Stein
PG Frank Mason III
SG Iman Shumpert
SF Justin Jackson
PF Zach Randolph
C Nigel Hayes
SG Garrett Temple
SF Vince Carter
SF JaKarr Sampson (TW)
C Jack Cooley (TW)
SF Bruno Coboclo

Free Agents
Vince Carter (Unrestricted)
Bruno Coboclo (Restricted)
JaKarr Sampson (TW)
Jack Cooley (TW)

1st Round 2nd Pick
2nd Round 36th Pick

So according to Basketball Reference and Spotrac, the Kings have about 7 million dollars in crap room if they resign everybody to their original salaries and renounce all rights. If they rescind everybody and let everybody walk and pay for their dead carpal they will have about 24 million dollars in cap room plus 46 million dollars in luxury tax. Let's look at their free agents.
Vince Carter
Bruno Coboclo
They also have two two-way players.
JaKarr Sampson
Jack Cooley
I think they should just let all 4 of these guys walk in free agency besides Jack Cooley. I would probably let him continue his second year of his two-way contract. In the draft I think they have 4 options. Option 1 would be to draft Marvin Bagley. He would provide a great pick and roll option for De'Aaron and he has unlimited amounts of potential. Option 2 would be take Michael Porter Jr. in the draft. The Kings have recently been vocally interested in Michael Porter Jr. Porter reminds me of Durant and if his injury doesn't pester him he could be one of the best players in the league no doubt. The offensive punch that could be created would be amazing and a pretty good defense. Option 3 is probably my least favorite. Take the remainder of Luka Dončić and DeAndre Ayton. Now if it is Ayton that is great that would be a steal, but Dončić Would be horrible. Now Dončić fans said he could just play the 3 instead of the 1 or 2. Here's the problem though Dončić may do well defending 2s because of his frame, but he gets matched onto 3s he would get exposed big time. Now option 4 is least likely, but it could potentially be a great 2 for 1 deal trade down to the Magic Pick. That is the 6th pick. You could maybe still get Bagley or Porter and you could a future pick maybe or a young talent. For the 36th pick I got them picking Devontae Graham as a backup point guard. In Free Agency not including the rookie contract they have 21 million. They should throw some pressure on the Celtics and put a lot of money in Marcus Smart if you can't get a PG in the draft. After that I would put a minimum contract on Andre Ingram and try to get him as a backup. So let's see what the Kings will do. Up next is the Atlanta Hawks.