Early 2018-19 Season NBA Power Rankings

With a quarter off the NBA Season let's look at some power rankings. All my information is provided by NBA.com and Basketball Reference. All the standings are at the time I do their team.

30. Phoenix Suns - 7-24 - 15 Seed in the West.
The Suns have been crap. They are the only team not competing in the West. Devin Booker has shown some nice signs in terms of his all around offense. He has also averaged a team high 23.8 Points. TJ Warren has done great in the points department. DeAndre Ayton is averaging a double double. So you might ask why do the Suns suck? They are 25 in the league in defensive rating, they are 29 in the league in offensive rating, they are 21 in pace, and finally they are shooting a horrible 33 percent from 3.

29. Atlanta Hawks - 6-23 - 15 Seed in the East.
The Hawks are not like the greatest right now. They are 28 and 27 in offensive and defensive rating respectfully. They are first in pace though which is good. Trae Young is shooting a horrible 24 percent from 3 with 5.4 attempts a game, but he is averaging a 7.2 Assists per game. Their is only 4 players shooting 40 percent. Not encouraging at all.

28. Cleveland Cavaliers - 7-23 - 13 Seed in the East.
Collin Sexton has been very impressive, but the Cavs overall have not. They are last in the league in defensive rating and 22 in offensive rating. I think they should start looking at some trades to start a full rebuild. They need to keep tanking so they can get Zion. I like some of their individual young pieces like Cedi Osman, Ante Zizic, and Jordan Clarkson.

27. New York Knicks - 9-23 - 12 Seed in the East.
This New York team is very interesting. They are ranked 29 in defensive rating and 21 in offensive rating. They have a very interesting point guard situation with Emmanuel Mudiay turning his career around, Frank Ntilikina experiencing a drop off, and finally undrafted rookie Allonzo Trier coming out of nowhere. The Knicks are interesting we will just have to see how they progress.

26. Chicago Bulls - 7-24 - 14 Seed in the East.
The Chicago Bulls have a strong 3 head monster in Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen. The two latter are coming back from injury. Zach Lavine has made huge improvements. The only problem is the Bulls have no shooting, Antonio Blakeney is the only one shooting 40 percent and he is playing 16.6 minutes a game. I think the Bulls could start pushing now.

25. Washington Wizards - 12-18 - 11 Seed in the East.
The Wizards need to blow it up. I like Trevor Ariza, but I don't know if he can fix this mess of a team. Their defense is horrible at 28 in defensive rating, but their offense is alright at 17 in offensive rating. They got rid of Oubre who was looking really good. The Wizards need to get it done this season or they just need to reload.

24. Brooklyn Nets - 13-18 - 10 Seed in the East.
The Nets looked good at the beginning of the season then they lost Caris Levert. Their offensive rating is ranked 11, but their defensive is ranked 24. They have had really good shooting they make the 4th most threes in the league, but they allow the 2nd most. The point guard situation is very interesting as Russell is winning the battle, but Dinwiddie is right behind him.

23. Miami Heat - 13-16 - 9 Seed in the East.
Miami has had great defense, ranking 11 in defensive rating, but their offense has been stagnate at 24 in offensive rating. Josh Richardson is having to basically carry this Heat team. They still have Dragic recovering and Dion Waiters yet to make a comeback.

22. Utah Jazz - 14-17 - 14 Seed in the West.
Utah has still a good defense, but not as good as last year. They are 8th in defensive rating. 25th in offensive rating. Donovan Mitchell can't make a three to save his life. Just very disappointing to what people thought would be the second best team in the West.

21. Charlotte Hornets - 14-15 - 7 Seed in the East.
The question is can Kemba really keep it up? The offense is being carried 7th in offensive rating, but their defensive rating is 16th. I think the Hornets should trade Kemba or attempt to get Kevin Love. If you trade Kemba you are going all rebuild. The Kevin Love option will go all in on contending.

20. New Orleans Pelicans - 15-16 - 12 Seed in the West.
Like the Hornets they need to get a 2nd star or trade Davis. I think a Brandon Ingram would be a great trade target if the Lakers are willing to give him up. What makes me wonder is they have the 4th best offense the 22nd defense. It was supposed to be the opposite.

19. San Antonio Spurs - 16-15 - 11 Seed in the West.
The Spurs are officially done with the Duncan era. They have fell into mediocrity. The Spurs don't have anything that stands out. Let's just see how this ends.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves - 14-16 - 13 Seed in the West.
The Timberwolves just look a lot better without Jimmy Butler. They are still middle of the pack in offensive and defensive rating and pace. But their shooting has greatly improved with Robert Covington. The only thing is they are shooting 28 threes a game. They are making 10 of them. That is decently good and they need to be hoisting up threes. And start Derrick Rose.

17. Orlando Magic - 14-15 - 8 Seed in the East.
The Orlando Magic have been very surprising. They are playing atrocious offense. Their offensive rating is ranked 27. Their defensive rating is what is keeping this up at a rank of 15. I think they need to roll with a little more Bamba and Isaac. I still think they should pursue a trade for Kemba or maybe Kevin Love.

16. Memphis Grizzlies - 16-15 - 10 Seed in the West.
So we're not going to spend any time talking about their amazing defense, instead we talking offense. Why are they struggling so much? Well Mike Conley is balling, but no one else is except Marc Gasol and maybe Jaren Jackson. Kyle Anderson their prized possession is shooting 23 percent. This team really just need to get more shooting. They are ranked 28 in the league in shooting.

15. Dallas Mavericks - 15-14 - 9 Seed in the West.
I was wrong. I was wrong about Dončić. I said he wouldn't be successful, I said he would be exposed in the NBA, and I said Dončić would be a bust. I was wrong. Dončić is averaging 18.4 Points, 4.9 Assists, and 6.7 Boards. I actually would like him to get just a little bit more efficient. He is shooting 35 percent from 3. You want to see that go up to at least 40. He is also averaging 3.5 turnovers. If he can get more assists and get DeAndre Jordan just a little bit more involved.

14. Sacramento Kings - 16-15 - 8 Seed in the West.
The Kings easily the most surprising team in the NBA. They are just so fast. They are second in the league in pace. De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Heild has in my opinion been the best backcourt combo in the league. They may not have the best defense or offense, but they are so dang fast that it doesn't even matter and when they get Bagley back (he was just getting a groove when he got reinjured.) Oh this team is gonna be nice.

13. Los Angeles Clippers - 17-13 - 6 Seed in the West.
The Clippers are just a really good team. They don't have a superstar, but they also don't have bad players. Tobias Harris is the only player close to a star. They are 10th in offensive rating. I really think their team is kinda set. Maybe trade some more large contracts to maybe get 3 stars this off season.

12. Portland Trailblazers - 18-13 - 5 Seed in the West.
Damian Lillard and CJ have been lighting it up. But the question is can they keep this up? We all know it comes playoff time they collapse. I think this team should attempt to get another shooter, because they only have 3 players shooting 40 percent or more.

11. Detroit Pistons - 15-14 - 6 Seed in the East.
The Pistons have very good. Blake Griffin has elite level revived his career. He is averaging 25.7 Points, 5.2 Assists (Which has lead this team surprisingly), and 9.1 Rebounds. I think the Pistons should trade for another three point shooter, because they are 21 in offensive rating. The defense though is really really good at 11 in defensive rating.

10. Boston Celtics - 18-12 - 5 Seed in the East.
So the Celtics are doing great on defense, but their just not connecting on offense. This year proves that their is only one ball their is only so much offense you can produce with a team like this. We can see Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown do not fit. I suggest trading one of them for a 3 and D player before it is too late.

9. Houston Rockets - 16-14 - 7 Seed in the West.
The Rockets are back. Well not totally, they are 26 in defensive rating, but they are 4 in offensive rating. What is funny is a Mike D'Antoni offense is 29 in pace. Another thing that is funny is PJ Tucker is the 2nd most valuable player on this team according to Basketball Reference. He is playing great defense and they need just 2 or 3 more players like him.

8. Indiana Pacers - 20-12 - 4 Seed in the East
The Pacers are a good team. They are 2nd in defensive rating. The only thing is they are 20th in offensive rating. They really just need another scorer in their lineup. I would probably use Doug McDermott just a little bit more. Otherwise good job Pacers.

7. Denver Nuggets - 21-9 - 1 Seed in the West.
I know I know you guys probably hate me now. For one the Nuggets haven't faced the hardest teams in the world. Second they have a really low offensive and defensive rating at 112.8 and 106.1 for 7 and 5 respectively. Third they don't really have a closer. I personally think it could be one of these 3 players. Michael Porter Jr is the first, but he may not even play this season. Jamal Murray is second. I like Jamal, but the question will be can he be clutch consistently? The third is Isaiah Thomas, but his career may be done. With all these combined I just don't think I can put them ahead of the some of the other teams.

6. Philadelphia 76ers - 21-12 - 3 Seed in the East.
The 76ers have been about what we though they were going to be. Joel Embiid has been a beast. Butler has been the ultimate closer. They have young role players that have had some very solid stats. They may need one more 3 and D player. Also think the Sixers should give Fultz one more chance. If this thing their doing does not work then cut or trade him. You are just wasting your time on a kid that can't do crap.

5. Golden State Warriors - 21-11 - 3 Seed in the West.
The Warriors are having turmoil. They are just not the same as last year. Draymond Green can shoot a basketball in a ocean. He is really holding his team back. He then becomes so arrogant and conceded that he doesn't own up to his own mistakes and instead he blames KD. Some people look at me as a Warriors hater, but really I'm not. I have immense respect for Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson, but I truly hate Draymond. I think eventually the Warriors will be ok, but God do I hate Draymond freaking Green.

4. Los Angeles Lakers - 18-13 - 4 Seed in the West.
Now we get to my team the Lakers. The Lakers have even exceeded my expectations of being middle of the back. The Lakers have shown they are a upper echelon team. The Lakers are third in pace so they may not have a high offensive rating or defensive rating. I think their is a world where Brandon Ingram can succeed with LeBron. I will talk about that in my new series A Lakers Dream that I will probably start making tomorrow.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder - 20-10 - 2 Seed in the West.
The Thunder in my opinion are the best team in the West so far this year. The Thunder are the best defense in the league. They are 19 in offensive rating, but that doesn't matter when you won't let anyone score on the other team. Jerami Grant might be a DPOY candidate and Paul George might just be MVP. They don't even have Andre Roberson back yet. The only way I can see a move is if they get a three point shooter.

2. Milwaukee Bucks - 21-9 - 2 Seed in the East.
The Bucks have been the 2nd best team in the league. They are 3 in offensive rating and 4 in defensive rating. Coach Bud has been the best coach the Greek Freak has had. Their game plan is great and Giannis is having his best season yet at 26.7 Points, 6.1 Assists, and 12.9 Rebounds. Khris Middleton has shown noticeable improvement in Bud's system.

1. Toronto Raptors - 24-9 - 1 Seed in the East.
The Raptors have been the best team in the league so far. They are 2nd in offensive rating and 7th in defensive rating, but when they want to play defense they can clamp up. Kawhi Leonard has had one of the best seasons of his career. Pascal Siakam has had a much improved year. Look for this to continue. The Raptors are legit.

Well that is it if you disagree with rankings feel welcome to comment.


I'm just hoping that my team can keep it up into the playoffs.

Also, there is absolutely zero reason why the Suns should still be the worst team in the league. With all their talent, high draft picks in the last five years, and even veteran leaders now, they should at least be a respectable franchise again at this point. Whoever is in charge of that organization is clearly incompetent at their job. - phillysports

Could this be the year we have 2 new teams in the finals? I’m shocked that Golden State is struggling. They’re loaded with talent but they are beating themselves. Obviously a long way to go but this phase could come back to haunt them - Randomator