2018 NBA Draft Grades

So this NBA Draft was Stacked, Surprising, and contained a lot of "What are they doing," moments. Let's do a rundown of Team Grades.

Phoenix Suns
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 1, Round 1 Pick 16, Round 2 Pick 31, Round 2 Pick 59.
Draft Grade - A
I love what the Suns did they made the right choice with Ayton to create a powerful 2 man game with Booker. Then they made a pretty good trade for Mikal Bridges. They did give up a Miami pick for 2021, but will probably end up not being that high. Love Bridges who could probably end up starting at the 3. Then they got Elie Okobo he will probably be a nice backup or could maybe start for the Suns. Then they finished off the night getting George King, but he probably will not end up making the team.

Sacramento Kings
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 2
Draft Grade - A-
The Kings got Bagley. He can form a very good combo with Fox and Bagley. Now they have a really good core with Fox, Bagley, Buddy Heild, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Bogdan Bogdanovich. I personally think it is the second best in the league.

Atlanta Hawks
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 5, Round 1 Pick 19, Round 1 Pick 30
Draft Grade - C+
They got some really nice pieces in Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, and Omari Spellman. Now if they got Trae Young and had the 6th pick and under that would be amazing, but that is not the case. They traded the 3rd pick for the 5th pick. They had Luka Dončić. Now Trae is a really nice prospect, but they had Luka Dončić. I don't really know if Huerter will turn into anything special, but we will have to see. I do like Omari Spellman though.

Memphis Grizzlies
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 4, Round 2 Pick 32
Draft Grade - B-
The Grizzlies had an ok draft. Kinda wanted them to trade for Kevin Love to put them in contention for a chip. With Jaren Jackson Jr I mean this could be really good or this could put them in mediocrity which would be really bad. The reason this is a B though is mostly because of their second round pickup in Jevon Carter.

Dallas Mavericks
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 3, Round 2 Pick 33, Round 2 Pick 60
Draft Grade - B+
I'm kinda indifferent about the Dončić pick. I just don't know how Dončić will adjust to the NBA Game. I thought they should've drafted Mo Bamba. I love the pick of Jalen Brunson. He could be a great 6th man or could be used as trade bait. Same thing for Antekutompo who was a steal at 60.

Orlando Magic
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 6, Round 2 Pick 35, Round 2 Pick 43
Draft Grade - A
I love the pick of Mo Bamba. He adds even more length to this lengthy team. Bamba is a very good player and a steal for the Bamba. The reason this is not a A+ team is because they do not have a good point guard. Unless they intend on having Rodney Purvis to become a superstar then they needed to get one, but instead they decided to add even more length with Justin Jackson and Melvin Frazier.

Chicago Bulls
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 7, Round 1 Pick 22
Draft Grade - B-
I love the pick of Wendell Carter Jr the combination of Carter and Markkanen will be deadly. I don't really know about Hutchinson though. He can maybe provide a contest with Valentine for that starting spot at SF, but I just don't know yet.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 8
Draft Grade - A+
I am happy for the Cavs they got this pick dead on. I love Sexton he is gonna bring some swag to the Cavs. If LeBron leaves Sexton is probably the best replacement you can get, but if he doesn't you have a second ball handler and easily the best guard on the team. This is sorta a bold prediction, but if LeBron leaves Sexton is probably gonna win ROY.

New York Knicks
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 9, Round 2 Pick 37
Draft Grade - D
The Knicks deserved to get booed on draft night. Don't get me wrong Knox is a good player, but they overreached big time on him not to mention they passed on Michael Porter Jr and Lonnie Walker IV. The only reason this isn't in the F range is because I like Mitchell Robinson.

Philadelphia 76ers
Pick they Owned - Round 1 Pick 16, Round 1 Pick 26, Round 2 Pick 54
Draft Grade - C-
The 76ers had ok draft. I kinda understand the trade down to 16th, but they had Mikal Bridges. If they would've kept Bridges it might lead to a deep run this year. I mean Zhaire Smith is good, but just not as good as Bridges. I do like how they got some trade bait point guards.

Los Angeles Clippers
Pick they Owned - Round 1 Pick 11, Round Pick 13
Draft Grade - D-
The Clippers blew it. They came into tonight. With two straight picks. They traded pick 12 and two future seconds to the Hornets for pick 11. They pick Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who is ok, but the Jerome Robinson pick is horrible. There is no excuse for them not taking either Michael Porter Jr or Lonnie Walker IV.

Charlotte Hornets
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 12, Round 2 Pick 33, Round 2 Pick 55
Draft Grade - D
The Hornets have apparently decided to go half in on Kemba. They decided they would trade Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for Miles Bridges and two seconds, but then they turn around and take leader Devonte' Graham. Not to mention they are another team that passed up on Michael Porter Jr and Lonnie Walker IV.

Denver Nuggets
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 14, Round 2 Pick 41, Round 2 Pick 58
Draft Grade - A
The Nuggets steal Michael Porter Jr which was a amazing. I have one problem with what they did. I don't know if Jarred Vanderbilt is the perfect fit, but I mean it could turn out well.

Washington Wizards
Pick they Owned - Round 1 Pick 15, Round 2 Pick 44
Draft Grade - F+
I hate what the Wizards did. Troy Brown is ok, but they picked him over Lonnie Walker IV. And the 2nd pick kinda doesn't fit. Issuf Sanon is probably going to never play. They could've picked a center with either pick.

Milwaukee Bucks
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 17
Draft Grade - C+
Now don't get me wrong I think Donte DiVincenzo is one of the best players in the draft, but let's take a look at some of their wings. Eric Bledsoe, Giannes Antekutompo, Kris Middleton, Jabari Parker (Restricted), Malcolm Brogdon, Jason Terry, Michael Carter-Williams, and Matthew Dellavedova and more. See what I mean, now DiVincenzo is probably going to be better than a lot of those player, but still.

San Antonio Spurs
Pick they Owned - Round 1 Pick 18, Round 2 Pick 49
Draft Grade - A+
The Spurs are the best. They stole Lonnie Walker IV with the 18th pick and got a pretty good player to play the 4 in Chimizie Metu. I also liked how they remained patient with the Kawhi Leonard situation.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Pick they Owned - Round 1 Pick 20, Round 2 Pick 48
Draft Grade - B-
They got two player in Josh Okogie and Keita Bates-Diop that could do a job competing with Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler for minutes.

Utah Jazz
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 21
Draft Grade - C
I don't know about Grayson Allen being picked this far up, but I mean he is a good player so maybe. Just don't know why they took Allen when they had Mitchell.

Indiana Pacers
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 23, Round 2 Pick 50
Draft Grade - A
I love the pick of Aaron Holiday. There is a possibility he could be all star one day and should take over Darren Collision's starting job sooner than later. I also like Alize Johnson and he should be a nice compliment to Oladipo.

Portland Trailblazers
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 24, Round 2 Pick 37
Draft Grade - B+
Well I guess the Trailblazers are either gonna trade their superstar backcourt or Anfernee Simons and Gary Trent Jr are gonna become the best backup backcourt in the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers
Pick they Owned - Round 1 Pick 25, Round 2 Pick 39, Round 2 Pick 47
Draft Grade - A
Mortiz Wagner is a amazing player and he will most likely be starting at center very very soon. Isaac Bogna will be a nice player off the bench and he is really raw which is good for a growing team like this.

Boston Celtics
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 27
Draft Grade - A+
I love what the Celtics did with the Robert Williams pick. They have found their replacement for Al Horford.

Golden State Warriors
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 28
Draft Grade - B+
Added another player to the rotation.

Brooklyn Nets
Picks they Owned - Round 1 Pick 29, Round 2 Pick 40
Draft Grade - A-
Love the pick of Džanan Musa. He is a really good SF and he is really young. He will become a really good player under Kenny Atkinson. I also like their 2nd pick and he could end up being a good role player.

Detroit Pistons
Picks they Owned - Round 2 Pick 38 Round 2 Pick 42
Draft Grade - B
I like Khyri Thomas and Bruce Brown Jr looks like they have the potential to be something.

Oklahoma City Thunder
Pick they Owned - Round 2 Pick 45, Round 2 Pick 53, Round 2 Pick 57
Draft Grade - A
Love the pickup of Hamidou Diallo he is a really underrated 2 and could maybe end up surprising a lot of people. I don't really know about the other 2 picks though.

Houston Rockets
Picks they Owned - Round 2 Pick 46, Round 2 Pick 52
Draft Grade - A+
I love the pick of De'Anthony Melton at PG he might be playing big minutes in the playoffs, and if they resign, Chris Paul will be playing big minutes in the playoffs. Also like Vincent Edwards and he adds another 3D player.

New Orleans Pelicans
Picks they Owned - Round 2 Pick 51
Draft Grade - C
Tony Carr is an ok player, but the Pelicans should've taken Kostas Antekutompo.

Teams Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors did not make any picks.

So those are my Draft Grades.


I just hope that we didn't screw up another draft like we did in 2015 and 2017. - phillysports

Overall nice grades. I agree with most of them. The only one I really disagree with is Portland. I would have given them a C because I don’t know if Simons and Gary Trent Jr will be instant impact players that they should have been looking for - Randomator