Top Ten NBA Teams With the Worst Fans


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1 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers The Cleveland Cavaliers, also known as the Cavs, are an American professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio.

As soon as they got LeBron James back, all of a sudden they thought they had the best team in the league. - Bronson

They burned LeBron's Jersey that's a little severe - 2storm

2 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons
3 Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks
4 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs

They are jerks when James got a cramp they cheered I bet if Tim Duncan got hurt and that fan base started cheering they would feel the same way as LeBron James fans - 2storm

5 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks

They have no patience - 2storm

6 Indiana Pacers
7 New York Knicks New York Knicks

They have paper bags on there heads - 2storm

Yeah haven't you seen there games I see a lot of people with bags on there heads - 2storm

8 Oklahoma City Thunder
9 Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers The Los Angeles Clippers, often abbreviated as the LA Clippers, are an American professional basketball team based in Los Angeles.
10 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors

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11 Miami Heat Miami Heat The Miami Heat is an American professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida. The Heat compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division.
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1. San Antonio Spurs
2. Cleveland Cavaliers
3. Atlanta Hawks
1. San Antonio Spurs
2. Dallas Mavericks
3. New York Knicks
1. Detroit Pistons
2. Cleveland Cavaliers
3. Los Angeles Clippers



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