Top 10 NCS Songs

According to you which is your favorite NCS(No Copyright Sounds) Song

The Top Ten

1 Fade - Alan Walker

I hate Fade! Fade is the worst song on NCS. I can't stand just listening to the first 10 seconds of it. And it's SOOO SIMPLE! Same "noise" the whole way through. I don't understand why it's the most popular. The only decent songs from Alan Walker (BO! ) are Spectre and Force.

Mny thanks to alan walker

2 Nova - Ahrix

Great tune...

3 Frag Out - DJ Assass1n
4 Spectre - Alan Walker

My sis loves this song

5 Cloud9 - Tobu
6 Hellcat - Desmeon
7 Savage - Paul Flint

This is so good!

8 Invincible - Deaf Kev

Best song ever

9 My Heart - Different Heaven & Eh!de

This song never gets old and has an amazing melody. - MayorOfStringCheese

10 Lovers - Larsm

The Contenders

11 Surface - Aero Chord
12 Spektrem - Shine
13 Shine - Spektrem
14 Iris - Friendzone
15 Infectious - Tobu
16 Defeat the Night - JPB
17 Paper Planes - Virtual Riot

This is one of the best DnB songs out there! You have to put this up there!

Greatest song I’ve ever played

18 Jim Josef - Firefly

Awesome song! I love Jim Josef! This was the first NCS song I ever heard, when I first heard it, I was like, THIS IS AMAZING! This is my 3rd favorite Jim Yosef song.

19 Link - Jim Yosef

Awesome! My favorite song on NCS!

20 Nekozilla - Different Heaven
21 Only Us - RedMoon
22 Savannah - Diviners

Why u not here swthrt!

23 Retrovision - Puzzle

A really great song.

24 Blank - Disfigure
25 JBP - Levitate

i love it - galaco

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