Top 10 NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) Songs

According to you, which is your favorite NCS (No Copyright Sounds) song?
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1 Fade - Alan Walker Fade - Alan Walker Cover Art

Dear Alan walker,
faded is another song that is one of the best songs out their but even this song will fade. NCS and you Alan Walker, can you make a song that beats every song by a mile. the pop station changes every week with a song that is better than last weeks song. can you break that wall and make a song that will not last a week.
-from unknown
P.S. a shout out to William black for making Daydreamer plus another shout out to trap nation. Go and make that song!

Dude, if you don't like the song don't listen to it... No ones gives a damn about your negative opinion on a FREE song.
PS: Fade is awesome!

This is the most perfect song in ncs the one who listens it truly will understand.

This is the best NCS song ever created!

2 Frag Out - DJ Assass1n Frag Out - DJ Assass1n Cover Art

1. This song is crazy
2. Its sick
3. Omg how is faded up there?

3 Sky High - Elektronomia Sky High - Elektronomia Cover Art

I always listen to this music. I love it!

My favorite, it's just great!

It's a shame it's this low...

Fun song to listen to

4 Nova - Ahrix Nova - Ahrix Cover Art

Its melody... it's like the notes were specifically picked and "geniusly" placed altogether to create a melody that can bring you to your most creative imaginations... the melody defines the word Ă«and"which is the end of a star's life. And the drops (or compression? )... it "pulls" me into a deep imagination and when the drops start, what I see is a big star exploding before my eyes... I am just floating in space while watching the beautiful destruction and the wonderful colors of the supernova. The supernova I'm always picturing in my head has that color light green and color light blue combination, which are my favorite colors. And all the other stars beside it explodes too... its like a chain reation of universe... it show how beautiful our universe is (when you close your eyes and listen to this music, I tried it many times... is it just me? Am I schizoprenic? ). This is what I call music, the one that brings your brain flying out of you and let you realize the world. Love this ...more

There is something mysterious to this song that I'm never able to place. Nova is my all time favorite NCS song, no doubt.

I'm sad this got deleted. I loved this the first time I heard it! It is way better than Fade. (Fade just sounds like a rip-off of this in my opinion)

Better that fade. Although the bridge-or-whatever part did not really strike my ears, the rest is mind blowing.

5 Invincible - Deaf Kev Invincible - Deaf Kev Cover Art

Awesome song the piano is awesome, the voice clips are amazing, and the dubstep mixed in makes for a great track. Definitely one of the best on NCS.

I listened to fade, spectre and invincible and my favorite is this one

Very nice melody

Best song ever

6 Spectre - Alan Walker Spectre - Alan Walker Cover Art

My sis loves this song

This should be on no 2

This song is amazing

7 Energy - Elektronomia Energy - Elektronomia Cover Art
8 Dreams - Lost Sky Dreams - Lost Sky Cover Art
9 Blank - Disfigure Blank - Disfigure Cover Art

I like this song, because the flow is smooth and the beats are also smooth. The sound effects also fit in.

This is my favorite song of all time!

10 Lights - Jim Yosef Lights - Jim Yosef Cover Art
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11 Force - Alan Walker Force - Alan Walker Cover Art

Should be
1. Frag Out
2: Nova
3: Force
4: Sky High
5: Cloud 9
6: Spectre
Faded is not really the best. It is overrated. Could go in top 20, but not top 10.

Just I love it! I don't think you need text or singing in songs to make it great!

12 Why We Lose - Cartoon Why We Lose - Cartoon Cover Art
13 Eclipse - Jim Yosef Eclipse - Jim Yosef Cover Art
14 Ark - Ship Wrek & Zookeepers Ark - Ship Wrek & Zookeepers Cover Art
15 Cartoon - On & On Cartoon - On & On Cover Art

The beat, the vocals, the feeling you get when you understand the lyrics is just serene. 5 stars

16 Electro-Light - Symbolism Electro-Light - Symbolism Cover Art
17 Cloud9 - Tobu Cloud9 - Tobu Cover Art
18 Infectious - Tobu Infectious - Tobu Cover Art
19 Firefly - Jim Yosef Firefly - Jim Yosef Cover Art
20 My Heart - Different Heaven & Eh!de My Heart - Different Heaven & Eh!de Cover Art

This and Nova are actually my favorite NCS songs among these other choices. My no. 1 favorite NCS song is Away by Phantom Sage ft. Byndy. This is still in my Top 20 though. (And Nova as well, maybe). 2013 was an incredible year for NCS in my opinion, but 2016 is the best definitely

The melody, the drop, the sound, and everything else is just blended so well. It's insanity how good this song is, it's a hell of a masterpiece.

This song never gets old and has an amazing melody.

The best different heaven's song ever...

21 Circles - Lensko Circles - Lensko Cover Art
22 Stronger - Prismo Stronger - Prismo Cover Art
23 Hellcat - Desmeon Hellcat - Desmeon Cover Art

I pet it like a hellcat.

Best song ever

I love da lyrics

24 Fearless - Lost Sky Fearless - Lost Sky Cover Art

It's amazing. The beat drop is too powerful!

Amazing, love it

25 The Spectre - Alan Walker The Spectre - Alan Walker Cover Art
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