Top 10 NCS Songs

According to you which is your favorite NCS(No Copyright Sounds) Song

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1 Fade - Alan Walker

I hate Fade! Fade is the worst song on NCS. I can't stand just listening to the first 10 seconds of it. And it's SOOO SIMPLE! Same "noise" the whole way through. I don't understand why it's the most popular. The only decent songs from Alan Walker (BO! ) are Spectre and Force.

Mny thanks to alan walker

Thanks to alan walker, best song ever - sparta999

Love this song

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2 Frag Out - DJ Assass1n


3 Nova - Ahrix

Great tune...

There is something mysterious to this song that I'm never able to place. Nova is my all time favorite NCS song, no doubt.

What a great song. Powerful and layered.

Awesome song

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4 Spectre - Alan Walker

My sis loves this song

This should be on no 2

Alan Walker you're the best


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5 Cloud9 - Tobu

love it


6 Invincible - Deaf Kev

I listened to fade, spectre and invincible and my favorite is this one

Best song ever

2:45 was the best part

Pretty good :3 it’s more digital yet more realistic at same time

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7 Cartoon - On & On

The beat, the vocals, the feeling you get when you understand the lyrics is just serene. 5 stars

Lund khada ho gaya


8 My Heart - Different Heaven & Eh!de

This song never gets old and has an amazing melody. - MayorOfStringCheese

Best song ever I don't know why I feel it even better than alan walker

I also like that my heart ncs

The best different heaven's song ever...

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9 Spektrem - Shine

My favorite song by them, base drops are good and so is the song in General

I second that, great song!

10 Savage - Paul Flint

This is so good!

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? Candyland - Tobu

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11 Blank - Disfigure

This is my favorite song of all time!

best song


12 Hellcat - Desmeon

Best song ever - LegendLord


13 Link - Jim Yosef

Awesome! My favorite song on NCS!

Something unique

This is lit

Best music evet

14 Sky High - Elektronomia

My favorite, it's just great!

Coolest song ever

Coolest song...

15 Surface - Aero Chord
16 Nekozilla - Different Heaven

This song is so underrated. It has a really good beat and bass drop. I feel that this song should be in the top ten. I have experienced no other beat like this song has. It keeps a steady beat and keeps the listener want to listen. I have listened to this song over 10 times, and I still can't keep it out of my head. Each time when I hear it keeps on getting better and better.I've listened to every other song, but I didn't see a song that had a beat like this one

I heard this song in a game on Roblox and I was just like, "...I have to find out what this song is."

Possibly the best NCS song there is.

17 Jim Josef - Firefly

Awesome song! I love Jim Josef! This was the first NCS song I ever heard, when I first heard it, I was like, THIS IS AMAZING! This is my 3rd favorite Jim Yosef song.


18 Infectious - Tobu

good song

19 Ark - Ship Wrek & Zookeepers

SO UNDERRATED, it is such a good song!

Most amazing NCS release by far

I love this song and it's my favorite youtuber bay area Biggs intro

SICK SOMEONE GO WATCH PARADOX POKE AND search up artic gamer and sub to the channel wich the picture is blue the writing is red and it says the artic gamer

20 Shine - Spektrem
21 Iris - Friendzone
22 Savannah - Diviners

Best song
Oh yeah

Why u not here swthrt!

23 Paper Planes - Virtual Riot

This is one of the best DnB songs out there! You have to put this up there!

Greatest song I’ve ever played

24 Stronger - Prismo

Personally best ncs song, along with cartoon-why we lose

25 Lovers - Larsm
26 Defeat the Night - JPB
27 Jo Cohen and Sex Whales - Run Away

Best song ever

28 Retrovision - Puzzle

A really great song.

29 JBP - Levitate

i love it - galaco

30 Lensko - Rebirth

good song

31 Fingertips - Kisma
32 Everything - Diamond Eyes
33 Zig Zag - Clarx

No one respects future house

34 Fearless - Lost Sky

One of the most underrated song

35 Seasons - Rival & Cadmium (Niviro Remix)

The best song

36 Only Us - RedMoon
37 Hold On - Prismo
38 Into the Wild - Kovan & Alex Skrindo
39 Tobu - Hope
40 Twisted Reality - Unknown Brain & Anna Yvette
41 Lensko - Circles
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