Best NCT Members

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1 Ten

He's the cutest creature of the world.

Dancing Machine

Love love ten

Ten my love

2 Yuta

he has such a nice personality

3 Taeil

The oldest NCT member, super sweet "Monk," highly underrated despite killer vocals, Korean, speaks Korean, a part of NCT 127

His vocals are amazing

4 JaeHyun

He is good at everything!

5 Taeyeong

He's the besttt human being I have ever seen he's too good for this cruel world

6 Taeyong
7 Johnny

Korean NCT 127 member from Chicago USA, really huge but super sweet, funny, probably closest to Mark Lee.

8 Doyoung
9 Kun
10 Mark
The Contenders
11 JaeMin

NA JAEMIN IS THE BEST ( I love OT21 BUT THIS MAN IS MY ULT) He deserve all the wholeee world

12 Wiwin
13 HaeChan
14 Chenle

Not trying to be biased (as he is my ult) but honestly he deserves so much praise for how well put together he is as a kpop idol for his age. I rarely see any nctzens talk about his actual talent, everyone only focus' on his laugh or his cuteness. he's literally one of the best vocals out there and he's only 17 (as of when I'm writing this). it mustve been really hard to have to work to be an idol at such a young age, also counting the fact that he's been a singer for practically all his life. not only is he good at singing, but his dancing is so good it seems to come natural to him. I'm not trying to get chenle to be #1 on the list because everyone has their opinions, but I want people to notice how wonderful he is. - ultschenle

15 Jisung
16 Lucas

Please support him he is daebak

He reminds me off Jackson Wang. He's too cute and extra. Love him!

17 Renjun

Renjun is so lovable it honestly leaves me shook how he is so underrated. He has everything, he's funny, he's savage, he's a vocal KING, he can dance, he loves Moomin, he's very playful, he loves his fellow members and I could go on all day about reasons to love Renjun but the most important reason is simply because he's RENJUN!

18 Jungwoo
19 Xiao Jun
20 Jeno
21 Hansol

I'm surprised he's above Jungwoo, YangYang and Hendery but honestly he's talented and I love him even though he's in NewKidd now.

22 Yangyang
23 Hendery
24 Sungchan
25 Shotaro
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