Top 10 Ne Obliviscaris Songs with the Best Clean Vocals

Ne Obliviscaris play extreme progressive metal. They have 2 lead singers - Tim Charles provides cleans while Xenoyr provides harsh vocals.

This list is about Tim Charles vocals. Angelic voice. Tim Charles has no bad vocal performances and his vocal delivery is very consistent so here we are looking for the best of the best.

Because all his songs are with remarkable soaring vocals, I selected songs with "vocal moments", i.e. where specific things stand out, such as sustains, falsetto, transitions between low and high notes, and so on.

The Top Ten

1 Urn (Part I) - And Within the Void We Are Breathless Urn (Part I) - And Within the Void We Are Breathless

I love the most his vocal during the chorus and his falsetto! (a song on their 2017 album).
Here's his highest note so far - D5. - Metal_Treasure

2 And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope

He did 2 great consecutive sustains in the background for about 12-13 seconds each, at 2:50 and 3:03. There is one more later in the song - again for about 13 seconds. Impressive.
I watched several live performances and Tim does these sustains as good as on the studio version. Even after 4-5 years after the studio recording. - Metal_Treasure

3 Devour Me, Colossus, Pt. I (Blackholes) Devour Me, Colossus, Pt. I (Blackholes)

1) his vox around 3-27-3:30
2) 7:15 - 8:05 (angelic yet powerful)
3) 11:30 - 12:25 (awesome finish of the song)
4) play the song sample - it's in the 2nd half on the sample - Metal_Treasure

4 Eyrie

The first half of this song is probably his biggest vocal effort so far - he sings alone for 4:30 minutes while in most songs he and Xenoyr take turns.
In the 2nd half they take turns and perform great duets again (5:05-6:20 and 7:35-7:55) - Metal_Treasure

5 Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise

The vocals at the end are amazing, a highlight of Portal of I for me.

I love his vox in the outro, from 7:50-10:00.
On this song are his lowest notes - he slides down to the 2nd octave. - Metal_Treasure

6 Libera, Pt. I: Saturnine Spheres

Very good interplay (duets) with the harsh vox by Xenoyr - 7:15-8:00, and 9:05-9:30 - Metal_Treasure

7 Painters of the Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux

This piece is the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life�"no joke.

15:00-16:00 (his soaring vox)
5:15-5:55 (duet with Xenoyr)
7:25-8:50 (very light singing here)
4:30-4:55 - Metal_Treasure

8 Intra Venus

6:40-7:15 (it's the last, 3rd chorus when he sings with Xenoyr)
5:25-5:40 - Metal_Treasure

9 Pyrrhic

His highs at 4:50-5:10 - Metal_Treasure

10 Of the Leper Butterflies

2:55-3:55 (a cool duet with Xenoyr's harsh vocals) - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Tapestry of the Starless Abstract
12 Forget Not
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1. Urn (Part I) - And Within the Void We Are Breathless
2. And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope
3. Devour Me, Colossus, Pt. I (Blackholes)


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