Top 10 Necromunda Gangs

These are the most dangerous gangs inhabiting Hive Primus, of the dangerous planet Necromunda. Many of you will have enjoyed playing the tabletop skirmish game by Games Workshop, and this list is for you!

The Top Ten

1 House Orlock

I have been playing orlocks since 95 and they are still the best gang 23 years later

The Orlocks, as house members are commonly known, are responsible for the production of the majority of the iron in Hive Primus, which has led to the house earning the sobriquet of "House of Iron".
The Orlocks have a longstanding rivalry with the mysterious House Delaque, due to the Orlocks sabotaging a Delaque factory, which led to the Delaques losing a very lucrative business contract with the noble house Ulanti. When the Orlocks got the contract instead, things only escalated, and the Delaques retaliated by assassinating Lord Hagan Orlock. The chances of either house burying the hatchet is infinitesimally small. - errant82

2 House Delaque

The other Houses of Necromunda are understandably distrustful of the Delaques. Their look merely upholds the Delaque's long-standing reputation for swindling and espionage. Delaque gang members usually wear elongated jackets with deep interior pouches to conceal weapons and other such items. The bulk are very pale-skinned and bald-headed, with thin, soft, eerie voices. Most wear dark visors or other such devices to shelter their sensitive eyes. An intolerance of bright lights is known to be a common weakness of Delaques. Despite the entire hive being rather dim by usual standards, House Delaques territory is known to be particularly dim and shadowy. - errant82

3 House Goliath

The members of the house are often seen as barbaric by everybody else in the Hive, the members of House Escher being the most vocal in this belief. Indeed, many of the Goliath's traditions, like the fighting pits and the Feast of the Fallen do very little to disprove these beliefs, giving the impression of a violent and brutal people inimical to their neighbours and rivals alike.
The Goliaths have a preoccupation with physique, and their style of clothing is often designed to reveal as much of their bulging muscles as possible. This style of dress usually incorporates large amounts of metal chains and bracers. Most Goliaths also wear their hair in a mohawk. - errant82

4 House Escher

Arrogant and heartless, the Escher have a reputation for cruelty, and are perhaps the most vicious House. Their gangs may be all female, but they are as tough and heavily armed as any all male gang. They are fast and deadly, and tend to have a strong bias towards hand-to-hand combat. When choosing guns they prefer Plasma weapons for their high fire power. - errant82

5 House Cawdor

The fiery zealots of House Cawdor are implacable righteous fighters, totally unforgiving, and prefer weapons which allow them to get close enough to their enemy to enjoy taking them down. Their heavy hoods and cowls give them the very grim look of faceless warriors with no understanding of mercy or forgiveness, and they expect none in return. - errant82

6 House Van Saar

The Van Saars have a well-earned reputation of being serious minded and sombre people, with a deeply deep-seated emphasis placed on order and hierarchy. Like the other gangs of Hive City the Van Saars have a style of clothing which distinguishes them from others. In their case this equates to a close-fitting body suit intended to defend and sustain the wearer in the harsh hive environment. Semi-permeable membranes in the suit reduce the loss of the body’s dampness whilst numerous spots on the material change colour to inform the wearer of airborne pollutants and reduced levels of oxygen. - errant82

7 Cult of the Redemption

The Redemption believes that the only way to achieve redemption for themselves, Necromunda and ultimately mankind, is to cleanse it of its sinfulness. Redemptionist prophets foretell of the destruction of not just Necromunda but of mankind. For Man to be saved it must be purged of sin. Their methods of redemption are highly violent, its members sworn to expunge all sin with fire and blade. Unlike most extreme Imperial sects, Redemptionists do not limit their hatred and violent purges to just mutants, psykers or aliens, they see sin in every creature, which along with the sinner, must be destroyed through bloodshed and fire. - errant82

8 Scavvies

A typical Scavvy appears how one would expect any human who lives in extreme poverty to appear. They have a very poor complexion of almost yellow skin, due to the build-up of pollutants, the lack of sunlight, and disease. They also often have wasted and/or deformed limbs, probably due to poor healthcare or birth defects.
Despite these outward defects, it is important to note that Scavvies are not necessarily Mutants, although mutants do appear among them as they do among other human populations. The majority of Scavvies are of baseline human stock. - errant82

9 Ratskin Renegades

Ratskin tribes are reclusive and insular by nature, and they normally avoid hivers. Even those ratskin tribesmen who come into contact with the hivers are shunned, as they are considered to be "tainted by civilization."
Unfortunately, due to curiosity, desperation or vengeful motivation, some Ratskins do find themselves embroiled in the matters of the hivers. For this they are exiled by their former tribesmen and they may never return. - errant82

10 Spyre Hunters

Traditionally Spyrer groups are composed of the unproven youths of the noble houses born in the upper levels of the hive where they have known little want or hardship. These groups then descend into the lower levels to undertake a vow that has been impressed upon them by a sponsor Patriarch or Matriarch, either to survive unaided in the depths of the undercity for a designated length of time, or to obtain a designated number of kills. They are not permitted to return until their task is complete. - errant82

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