Best Ned Flanders Centered Episodes In The Simpsons

The Top Ten Best Ned Flanders Centered Episodes In The Simpsons

When Flanders Failed (Season 3)

This is my favorite episode from Season 3. It has a perfect "feel good" ending, and it also has the notorious Touch of Death by Bart. - Knucklewood

It's a true Heart felt experience when homer shows his more human side and helps ned out.

Homer wishes that Ned Flanders' business The Leftorium goes out of business. His wish comes true and starts feeling guilty. - RickyReeves

Hurricane Neddy (Season 8)

A Hurricane destroys Ned's house, Springfield residents try to rebuild the house, they fail and Flanders lashes out on the Springfield residents. He confines himself to a mental institute and finds out he has been repressing his anger for years (Also one of my top ten favorite Simpson episodes). - RickyReeves

I really like this one - TheRealSilverlay


Homer Loves Flanders (Season 5)

When Homer goes to a football game with Flanders, (he offers him a ticket) Homer is given a football from the game by Flanders, Homer decides to be friends with Flanders, but Flanders becomes annoyed. - RickyReeves

This was so funny. - RalphBob

Bart of Darkness (Season 6)

Bart breaks his leg and stays in his room, he uses a telescope and becomes convinced that Ned has killed Maude, turns out he accidentally killed a plant and the scream was from Ned - RickyReeves

I was hoping this would be higher, Ricky. - PositronWildhawk

To be honest, this episode was the last to come to my head to put here. If I thought of this earlier, it would be 4 or 5 - RickyReeves

I'm Goin' To Praiseland (Season 12)

Ned builds an amusement park dedicated to his late wife Maude, all things don't go so well, but when a Maude mask floats up in front of the statues face, everyone is amazed, but it turns out to be a gas leak - RickyReeves

Viva Ned Flanders (Season 10)

Instead of killing off Maude (Which was stupid just because the voice actress left) they could've had Maude finding out in a later episode, then she goes to Capital City or Shelbyville.

Homer discovers that Ned is 60 years old (Which I don't believe) and takes him to Vegas, but they end up marrying two waitresses. - RickyReeves

Alone Again Natura-Diddily (Season 11)

The voice actress even returns when Maude comes up in episodes as a spirit.
So this was a stupid episode.

Pointless killing Maude off just because the woman who voiced her left the show. How about (could be stupid idea) she leaves Springfield, finding out Ned married a waitress in Las Vegas.

Maude dies and Ned becomes depressed - RickyReeves

Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodly (Season 7)

I don't blame Ned for being mean in that episode.

Bart, Lisa and Maggie are taken away and placed in the care of the Flanders, Homer and Marge fight to get them back. - RickyReeves

The emergency baptism kit

Home away From Homer (Season 16)

That is a very funny episode. 😂

Two college girls move into Ned's house, behind his back, they perform softcore porn in his house, Homer finds out from Bart and Millhouse (who accidentally watches them spanking each other with a photo frame) and tells everyone in Springfield, Ned gets embarrassed and moves away with Rod and Todd. - RickyReeves

The Ned-liest Catch (Season 22)

Ned and Edna Krabappel fall in love, Homer and Bart tries to break them up - RickyReeves

The Contenders

A Star is Born Again (Season 14)

Ned has a relationship with a movie star. - RickyReeves

Sex Pies and Idiot Scrapes (Season 20)

Homer and Ned become bounty hunters. That's genius.

Lol one of my favorites. Should be higher

Make this number one - TheRealSilverlay

One of my favorite episodes, don't know why it's not higher
It's Flanders and Homer as bounty hunters
Enough said

The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

Season 21

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