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OK if you have played Need For Speed, then there's no way you haven't heard of this car. Anyone who has played Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005), Need For Speed Carbon, Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012), and Need For Speed (2015), should know this car. Everyone who knew this car from Carbon, and the original Most Wanted went out of their way to get the Heroes Pack for Most Wanted (2012) when it came out. Same goes for the DLC for Need For Speed (2015). When they found out the BMW was in it, they bought it. The Legendary M3 GTR will always be a great All Around car. And the Legend that it is, will live on... - Treysm3gtrYT

This is that car, that is worth to climb from 15th to first place in Black list and take it back from Razor! Unique Vinyls, Characteristics, Engine sound - God, I have goosebumps every time when I driving it. 12 years Later. Still the Best Car from The Best Game in series

That car is OP for a BMW it's my dream car and when I got mw2012 I didn't have any ps store money and I thought the hero pack was free then I saw and I understood why that car costed, it's so badass

The BMW M3 GTR looks slick and still looks like a modern BMW.This car is badass.

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2 Mercedes Benz SLR McClaren
3 Lambhorgini Gallardo

Coolest Car ever.. Nice pickup and great handling. I finished most of the race using this one.. - paasadani

Best period.

4 Dodge Viper SRT 10

I like it, its very fast and pretty cheap to buy, I'm only level 20 and I got it, It's A BEAST!

Fastest and best car in the game

Its beautiful to drive its fast

I beat game with car it's a beast.all around great car

5 Lambhorghini Aventador

Fastest car in the game

I like the aventador with the 700 hp V12, killer looks, no.4 in 2012 most wanted, to me it's the best V12 lambo yet

6 Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT. Every Need For Speed Final Boss I went up against, and could use this car, I did. Come on, WE ALL KNOW THE CARRERA IS A PERFECT FINAL BOSS CAR. I've always seen someone using this to beat the final boss (Mostly in NFS MW, and NFS Carbon).

7 Lambhorgini Murcielago
8 Audi Le Mans Quattro

Come on, after that betrayal, how is Darius' car not as legendary as Ryan Cooper's 240, or Eddie's Skyline? It's by far one of the fastest cars in Carbon, and one of the most daunting to face, even at the very end of the game?

9 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Need for Speed Underground is the first game from NFS serie which gave the possibility for the players to customize their own and unique cars. The Nissan Skyline GTR of the final boss is unique. Players couldn't customize a Skyline and get the same as Eddie's car. The special carbon hood with decal is not possible to reproduce in game. That makes this car special. Its look is really good and completely different as the tuning code of 2003.

10 Mitsubishi Lancer

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11 Toyota Supra

This car is a very iconic Japanese car and an Iconic need for speed car

I love supa I want to have one when I get older

It's the beast of the game


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12 Ford Mustang

The Mustang is in my opinion the most customized American cars. It's a very easy car to custom all parts are easy to find. In Need For Speed the movie this Ford Mustang has everything that typify a NFS car... A great look and insane perfomance. What to say more... Just another great NFS car?

13 Subaru WRX Sti

Best starter car to be honest


14 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

You'll be speechless if you get this car in NFS mw2. Probably best in this game

15 BMW M3 E92

WHAT? Is it a BMW? Yeah again and again but there was no more special car so for this top 10 I had to take one more ride and I thought for a long time to find a good pretender. It's hard to say this car is iconic but the GT2 has something that we may like or no but won't let us indifferent.

Need For Speed really likes BMW. This BMW from a boss has to be in this list because we had the possibility to drive it during the demo! I was a little bit disapointed when I saw the difference between the demo car and the GRIP KING boss car. The demo car had nice HRE rims whereas boos car had boring BBS rims and a spoiler that didn't lookthe best effect.

16 BMW M4 F82

NFS No Limits is released on smartphone. The major problem is the game language which is the only LIMIT of the game. Anyway except that another BMW hardly inspired by the Most Wanted M3. Maybe the new MW M3 successor?

17 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

This is the best car for career in NFS CARBON

This car is one of the few recurring cars in the franchise; used as Cross's pursuit vehicle twice. I wonder why it is not as popular as both the M3 GTR and the R8(Le Mans quattro) featured in either game.

18 Ford GT
19 Audi R8 LeMans

Another final boss car that is badass. Darius car isn't a simple Audi R8 but a R8 LeMans! You will certainly think it's only a detail but it makes all the difference. His R8 is a prototype. Having an exclusive car for a boss is quiet nice don't you think so? On top of that his vinyl is just so cool and the'ts why this Audi R8 deserve to be on the podium. I won't speak about the car's perfromance because it will be obvious for you that it's a boss car so perfs are high in the sky...

20 Nissan 350z

What a luck! The first car I drove in NFS Underground 2. The green match perfectly with the night background of this Need For speed. The car has a crazy look (don't say that you weren't sad to give it back after the first ride! And don't say that you never tried to customize the same to have it for the free run! ). It's maybe not a boss car but this car is a thousand miles away from the ugly boss car that everybody forgot.

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