Need for Speed: Most Wanted (12): Random video game review

If you didn't know as of now, Need for Speed is my all-time favorite racing game series! And 2005 it reached its ultimate high-point with the release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted!

Why do I tell you about this? Well if the title didn't told you this review is about the 2012 sequel to the game by the same name!

So let's start with my first complaint: There's no tuning! You can change tires (during driving...) or other parts of the car, but that's it! Part of the fun in the Need for Speed Series was creating your own unique car!
Besides the way to get cars was weird! You can basically find all of them in the Open-world randomly placed! I don't hve a clue what they tried to do with this!

However the Open-World City is perfect! It has everything from nature to the city or my favorite, the harbour! And of course it's insane fun to drive in!
The races itself are good! While they reduced the modes and inserted a ANNOYING Rubber-Band AI, they managed to make the races fun!
However the police chases became a killjoy for me, for the simple reason that the police keeps finding me, even when I'm hiding!

Now the story was a let-down! Because there is none! I'm not kidding, you don't get told anything! But I'm fine with that!

Now the graphics however, yeah...! The Need for Speed Series remains graphicly supreme and this game is now exception! Everything looks incredibly detailed and beautiful! In mixture with the well-designed Open-World, it was pure awesomeness!

The soundtrack in comparison was again a let-down! They had Muse, but that was one of the only tracks I remember! I mean COME ON! MW05 had Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Mastodon, Bullet for my Valentine, all those good bands!

Well, while this game managed to mess up essential things in the Need for Speed Series, I think it deserves a:
8/10, adjective "good"
It messed up the AI and the Tuning epicly, yet it's a great package with its fun races and Open-World! Overall it's disappointing comoared to the 2005 Most Wanted, but it's a fun game nontheless!


Need for speed most wanted is the best racing game, asphalt 8:airborne is good, but I don't think it is better than nfs mw
the blacklist, the story, characters, everything of the game, on the track baby...
Since 1994, they are producing nfs franchise, at that time also, graphics were something you couldn't compare with anything! - Ananya

This game is garbage. Sure, it has good graphics, but the physics of this game is messed up. I give it a 3/10. Crashing for stupid reasons, and then you have the worst handling and controls. Underground 2 is way better. - visitor