Need for Speed Most Wanted


Most Wanted was definitely the "complete package" of the series. It had a stacked car list that showed great diversity, from everyday "tuners", to modern muscle, all the way up to dream cars and exotics. Customization, though toned down a bit in comparison to the Underground games, was still definitely prevalent and made each performance part feel like it was benefiting your car each time you equipped something new.

The way each car controlled was exactly where it needed to be, easy to pick up and get going no matter which of the cars you decided to drive in-game (something I wasn't too fond of when it was switched up in Carbon), meaning that you really could play through the game with the car you want to reach the endpoint with, whether it be a starter car like the Cobalt SS or Fiat Punto, to something much fancier like a Lotus Elise, Dodge Viper SRT-10, or Porsche Carrera GT.

The police chases are without question, the star of the show. On the ...more - BloodyThunderX

For almost every NFS fan... it always comes down to either Underground 2, Most Wanted, or Carbon. Lets start by the graphics, this is easily the biggest graphics jump in the series, especially on PC cars looked stunning! Going into career mode you notice how they use full motion video, which mostly turns out so bad in other games its funny. Somehow Most Wanted made this style look cool again with a great setting and background and not so bad acting!

The story is the best in the series, is it a good story for a movie? No. Its as cliche as it can possibly get. but it's the way they immerse you into the story with your car getting stolen, the usage of voice mail and text messages while progressing in the career, every time Razor sends you a message with him calling you "sweetheart" you just want to punch his face that much more...

The gameplay is fantastic, handling feels good, and the sense of speed on the highway is just awesome, shortcuts are everywhere in this game and ...more - typlo8

The first Need For Speed I ever played. Although this game lacks overall difficulty with racing it (in my opinion). Is still better than today's Need For Speed titles. The new ones feel unfinished/rushed compared to Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005). The most difficult part of the game is the cops once you get heat level 5 you can have difficulty evading the cops (I have played this game like forever and I still get busted on a regular basis). The graphics are amazing for a 2005 game. Game play is simplistic, you can choose between auto and manual transmissions. As well as the fact your car doesn't automatically drift (it drifts but not like the drifting in the newer games and you have to force the drift). Although the game doesn't have the most upgrades and cars it is still just as good as the undergrounds. And if you want a challenge in this game try the challenge series. Some are very difficult. And if you want to make the story harder try using the Lexus is300 with lvl1 nos and ...more

This is by far one of the most complete racing games I have come across. A variety of racing modes, a story that made you want to get to the top of that blacklist, and a lineup of cars that was fun to look at, but still realistic to use on a street racer's budget all worked together to make a career mode worth playing. The cop chases are fun, but not impossible. Nor is the game too focused on any one gameplay mechanic or type of car. The only thing I think could be better was the customization options. You could still make your car your own, but other games like UG2 and Carbon brought it to the next level. Still, I think this game's career mode is what makes it shine. Working your way to the top of the blacklist, taking your rivals' cars as you go, there is no better reason to race than the one Most Wanted gives you: revenge.

Simply the perfect NFS & I do not think there'll be one like it ever again. Apart from the brilliant graphics & setting & cool customizations your could do to your car, what makes Most Wanted to standout is the iconic story & the way it's told. You can really feel it. The pressure, the eagerness to win, the betrayal. It really draws you in & makes your feel like you're actually a part of it. The bosses had faces & back story. They weren't just cars. They had charterers & they contacted you & challenged you. There was Sergeant Cross from the RPD who contacted you from time to time & made you feel challenged and hunted! Also you could hack into the police systems & see your rap sheet. You had to earn your cars & buy them & when you did it made you feel emotional & excited like you really own that car. And let's not forget to admit that we all had a little crush on Mia & were stunned when she turned out to be a cop! Also Cross shouting 'EVERYONE! ' in the cutscene before the final chase ...more

The game is too cool, too fabulous, graphics are damn awesome..! Cars are controllable for a son of a bitch too, nice cars included, Lamborghini gallardo types of cars are also included... And the main thing is that.. You did not to complete the game by only doing the races.. You have milestones, challenge series after completing blacklist.. Overall this game just awesome I had ever played..

With excellent graphics for its time, great customization capabilities - allowing players to play to their strengths and/or preferences - ever increasing difficulty from both the racers and the police that keeps players improving, chases and objectives sometimes being darn near impossible to beat - yet somehow addictive enough to keep gamers enthralled -, and an interesting storyline culminating in arguably the greatest police chase in gaming history, this game is hard to fault!

Loved this game, the story line could of been better and a little longer, not THE hardest to beat, but you did have to master your car and actually have skill. Only thing I wish is that they kept the all the customization options from NFS:UG2 (i.E. neon, sound systems, doors, etc. ) that with the graphics and awesome cars would have made this game THAT much better.

Every thing is just the right amount, arcade, fun, tension and best of all the entertainment. The graphics are so amazing and the soundtracks are so brilliant with titles. The complete story is amazing with visuals and all the things are very very good. Maybe they should make a version with night play and also the being the cop once in a while would also be good.

One of the most memorable games I've played alongside with underground 2 Particularly because the storyline were both engaging and the races were quite challenging. Came out when there wasn't much demand for graphics but even with graphics it doesn't automatically mean it should be a good game because MW 2012, graphically it was a remarkable upgrade and looked more appealing but was just too unplayable for me because It didn't have the fun factor plus wasn't gamer friendly. Too much complication. Cheers to memories

It's the best game that made by EA in all time. The game have a plot with much excitement. The graphics quality is good and it is little bit hard. The best thing of game that I like is story. Our car was tolled by police and we fight them for our car and rep. Overall the game is good as well as mia.

Way after bedtime still playing just to complete that last challenge and then beat that next rival, sore eyes glazed on the screen as you escape the cops almost screwing up on that one road block, heart racing as you silently wait the cooldown meter...

Those were the days...

My God! I can't get enough of this game :'(

Best game ever on Need for Speed franchise

If only it was was possible that they'd do a remake on adding more cars, customization, more blacklists, more hit levels, game play shouldn't change at all and a little bit more graphics on it

Anyhow..its still the best game.. I love it

Cool cars, good "flow" in the driving, good storyline, good graphics, plenty customization, a sweet open sandbox world and last but not least THE POSSIBILITY TO JUST CHILL OUT AND DRIVE! Man I love this game, no Need for speed game will beat this one

Great Car, Great City, Great Racing System, Yeah, that's 3 Word Has Almost Be Whole Description ABOUT This Game, With Blacklist Rival, We Can Take All Blacklist Car, And Also Very wonderful Pursuit, And I Like to Meet Cross )

Best game EVER, was the firs game I ever played, way back on my game-boy, graphics were bad, but game play was literately mind blowing, found out it was on Xbox, bought it and it was awesome, free roam and everything! Xbox most wanted graphics were improved greatly too!

What more would you want? Great story line, amazing police chases with an open world map and overall exciting game paly. The only thing it lacked at all is drifting. I would have loved a sequel; title it something like "Razors Revenge".

The best gameplay, point blank. The map and courses are awesome. It has a ton of cars. You can mod your favorite car to be awesome. Vinyls were dope. Competition is awesome. Cop Chases are amazing. I have it for gamecube. Never liked any other need for speed better after playing this.

This game is so awesome. It has some of the most realistic driving of any video game, only topped by GTAV. It's really hard at first, but once you get the hang of it it is so fun. I like all the exotic cars and the cop chases are awesome. It also has nice trucks and hatchbacks, but the only downside is it had practically NO TUNERS, which (according the fast and furious) is what street racers usually drive) best racing game of all time.

Undoubtedly the BEST title in NFS yet.

Challenging and most of all, IMMERSIVE gameplay. The way you work your way up the black list is brilliantly managed.

The player actually gets that feeling of revenge. Lovely.
Great storyline, nice graphics, nice cars, very good controls.

I haven't found myself so in love with any NFS since.

And I seriously hope Most Wanted 2012 (by Criterion Games), doesn't take that indulging factor away.

The best of nfs I have ever played. Most wanted gives you best graphics and best handling. The opponents start getting more tough as you go up the blacklist you need to be prepared to defeat then

It's the best Need for Speed to date hand-down, it's high-octane races will really put you on you chairs' edges, it's over the top police chases will surely bring out the hidden beast in you. And with a little topping of reality, you get to have infractions, cost to states and get to rack up bounty.

It also has the best storyline in all NFS, it's well designed, it DOES MAKE SENSE...
Also, when you beat the a Blacklist member, you get the chance to get their ride which illegal peeps do in real life.

The cops are never that smart but, their power comes in number or quantity,
The game never gets old <--- that's the best set of words that describes the game for me.

The best game in the series. The gameplay is fantastic, the races and police escapes are exciting, the story is very interesting, the graphics are good just are not amazing like the current ones. I can not get enough of playing!

Simply put, the best of all the games. It had an amazing story, awesome graphics, (for it's time), and REAL motivation. You wanted to climb the ladder and beat the jerk who tricked you and took your car. And to get that, you had to work for it, and work HARD. Unlike Hot Pursuit, where you had all kinds of toys to combat the cops, in Most Wanted, you only had you and your car, while the cops had SUV's, Helicopters, and those god-awful Spike Strips. You really feared the cops, and you needed every single dirty trick you could come up with. Greatest NFS game ever by far.

There are other new games released for need for speed series, but none of them are better than most wanted. its story is the best. I'm just waiting for most wanted 2 to be released