Need for Speed Underground 2


Simply love this game. I first played it when I was about 7 years old, but just because I wasn't able to finish the game in my youth, I played it at least once a year till I was 15 when I decided to download the game and finish it once and for all. However unlike most games I played multiple times as I grew older, this was the only game that seemed to get funner and funner. I believe EA should make another sequel to the Underground series and keep it exactly like this one, with no exotic cars, or any of that shit. Just keep it with cars that would be used in real street races with sick decays and an large variety or decays, spoilers, hoods, etc.

Tremendous Tuneups included for cars. Good game play. By far the Best graphics of all car games at that time...!

This was my favourtie car game on PS2 it had the best layout and the city's where great. Riders on the storm! - dragon13304

This Game is really liked because, people these days want a game like underground 2 that is very realistic. Most of the nfs games today are basically like NASCAR racing! (almost). We want realistic games that have a big city, you have your own career make money and most importantly tune cars. Nobody wants to drive a race car, but we like to drive the cars we made NFS U3 MUST BE MADE

Why is this in 3rd place? It should be the number 1! The music was awesome, game play, graphics, and customization! I like to drive in night time with the Switch/Twitch song going while driving in a lit up, beautiful city. To me, I think the cops get annoying. I like how you just drive everyday cars and not those supercars. I mean, who is going to speed in their Bugatti Veyron when it is a 79% chance that they will crash on the tight turns! NfsU2 had awesome neons, light colors ( Never seen a racing game of where you could do this) and pretty much everything!

People praise the open world in this game, but it actually only slows down the action. In actual race events there's magic walls that makes it linear, so what's the point of the open world? People who like this game actually like Fast and Furious movies, not Need For Speed games.
The real Need for Speed essence is to race with exotic cars in exotic places with some police chases. Also, NO COSMETIC customization. The Hot Pursuit series are the best. Really. Underground and Most Wanted are just hype based.

One of the best arcade racers I ever played. The storyline isn't so good but the gameplay is the best. The selection of cars is good too (nissan skyline, toyota supra, the old eclipse). The vehicle control is better than Most Wanted. When this game came out was a big improvement in racing games. So... Thumbs up for Underground 2!

This game was incredible! Still play it today! Why can't developers realise this was one the best need for speeds and make a new one, id rather drive a pimped out lancer then an exotic car :/

Always wondered why there isn't a sequel to this game. I mean seriously, this was the best NFS game by far. It sums up all the aspects of what a racing game should be. It's a lot of fun, the story line is pretty good, and I love the fact that you appear on the cover of magazines and stuff. The customization is brilliant! I personally don't like running away from cops, it gets all to boring an becomes very repetitive. I really look forward to a sequel to this game.

I loved this game so much! Sure, the graphics weren't that good, but I loved the cars so much! I remember the Navigator, the Nissan 240SX, the Toyota Corolla, the Peugeot 306 and more! Also, when you had Rachel's car in the beginning of the game, there were three races you could attend to for extra money. And when you were to buy a car into career mode, you didn't have to spend a single cent! And every time I unlocked a new car, I'd get so excited, I'd pee myself. Ah, memories. - airplain313

In my opinion best nfs game, best customization, best car choices, open world and the only game I could find similar to that was midnight club la. Insane customization open world amazing graphics and good car choices.

I remember this came out when the TVs started showing The Fast and the Furious (2001) reruns in preparation for the upcoming Fast and furious: Tokyo Drift. Man, that was a heck of a timing. This game was the best, the most enjoyable out there. I remember the good old days, networking with my friends, showing off our customized cars and meeting off somewhere in free roam and started to race! AWESOME

Purely for the way the cars handle in a fantasy realistic way, and for all us petrol heads who love to tweak and modify cars. Fiddling with weight, suspension and tune to shave those few extra seconds off a run is real motor racing.

This is the best Need For Speed game by far! I love how I need to win races to earn money to upgrade and customize my car.

Need For Speed really need to make more games like Underground 2. Customising vehicles is the most important thing, not being chased by the police.

The best game, my personal favourite... Everything was amazing in it.. Well, Most Wanted did go ahead of this for some reasons but I prefer this one!

It's the best game ever. I remember, I was in love with this game and still am. I mean, everything is epic about this game! Soundtrack, gameplay, graphics and everything else.

Best of the best. Best universe, best soundtrack, best cars and best modifications.

This game was iconic. I played it for years. It had a lot to live up to after NFS: Underground, but it cemented it's place in history

One of the best NFS games ever made. Graphics are OK. Gameplay is just amazing. I wish there were more racing simulation games like this one.

Worst game I ever played no enjoyment in playing and only in night I no that the game was good at release times but today the game is a crap.

I love this game I have been playing this since the day it came out. I totally recommend this game. Great, game

I must say this is the ultimate NFS game. Because, think about it, lots of races, a great variety of cars, a lot of customization... It has also that feel that nowadays games don't have. The races are challenging (depends on which difficulty do you use), great cars... 10/10

I've owned game since it came out and is the only one I go back to over and over again.

Great customization, awesome soundtracks, everything is amazing on this one

This game is one of the best NFS games I've ever played in my whole life. The story, the music, the cars, the customication, it's fantastic. I'd highly recommend all people that started to play NFS post-shift should give this game a shot. It was made back in the days when EA still seemed to care about their customers, and made awesome games and they sure succeded well on this one.