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21 Need for Speed: No Limits
22 Need for Speed Most Wanted U
23 Need for Speed II
24 Need for Speed: Underground Rivals
25 Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0
26 Need for Speed V-Rally

WAAT?! V-Rally isn't even a NFS game! It was developed by Eden Games, not EA! But it's pretty cool.

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27 Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City

My Favorite Need for Speed on PSP - gui2310g

A good racing game for the psp

28 Need for Speed (2015)

Now that the game is out, there is many cars to choose from (In the beginning you only have 3 to choose from which is good for starting out in my opinion), it's true what others say about bringing back customization like Underground and police chase like Most Wanted (Even that underground is considered rice nowadays, which the type of customization should not be compared with the current in the game). When it was launched, in rare occasions when passing a cop lets just say at 15mph, they will go and pull you over/pursuit (one con).

Honestly, there is no suprise this game did'int even make the top 10, they could've added way more cars, not to mention the "3" free dlc whips added later on, and the map had much more potential than just the downtown region, plus the customizations we're sort of limited, there we're so many applicable parts that could've been added to most cars, it just felt repeatable with ever piece of setup, in my opinion rivals tops this by a long shot by vehicle inventory, dlc, and map expansion

Played it's an amazing game but don't have much cars I hope they do an update to bring more cars to the game


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29 Need for Speed: V-Rally 2
30 Need for Speed: Edge

Watch it on youtube it will released in 2016 it will be an amazing race game more than need for speed 2015

31 Need for Speed Payback

Amazing graphics

Worst game ever and expensive too.

You all know nothing best Need For Speed in a long time.


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