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21 The Need for Speed

the genesis of need for speed - moose4life19

Most realistic Need for Speed ever. It's a shame the series turned to a more arcadey experience, though I can understand it from a commercial perspective... But none of the sequels ever managed to be as impressive in terms of graphics and state-of-the-art as this one was back in 1994. The first Need for Speed was a technical marvel and one of the most enjoyable racing simulations I've ever played.

Good game but the music annoys me.

The first NFS, still the best along with Porsche Unleashed and NFS3... looking at the votes I'm pretty sure that too many younglings are here, not knowing the true roots of the series...

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22 Need for Speed Payback

Amazing graphics


I saw the trailer and it's like f&f like which I will love

23 Need for Speed: No Limits
24 Need for Speed Most Wanted U
25 Need for Speed II
26 Need for Speed: Underground Rivals
27 Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0
28 Need for Speed V-Rally

WAAT?! V-Rally isn't even a NFS game! It was developed by Eden Games, not EA! But it's pretty cool.

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29 Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City

My Favorite Need for Speed on PSP - gui2310g

A good racing game for the psp

30 Need for Speed: V-Rally 2
31 Need for Speed: Edge

Watch it on youtube it will released in 2016 it will be an amazing race game more than need for speed 2015

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