The Best Need for Speed Rivals Players of All Time

The cops and racers that are on this ranking list are judged
in many different areas of study such as their driving skills, attacking,
Chemistry of the game, awareness, and mobility. The players that are posted on
this list are with all means investigated to look for any signs of hacking or
cheating in the past. Our ranking team members have been being allowed to edit
the list if means necessary with the consent of the group leader and the
editing team. Our ranking system is based on hard rules and regulations that
must be followed by all members of the GIRRT group based here in the United
States. All the numbered stats are check before we publish the updated
information to the outside world to cheat for any disturbances. All the players
that have been ranked on this list have been check by the World Ranking
officials from the GIRRT group. If any of these player break our code of
conduct rules or regulations he or she, cop or racer will face many
consequences in the near future. I hope you all vote with respect in mind...

The Top Ten

1 MAV3R1CK_797 - Russia Venom 6 MAV3R1CK_797 - Russia Venom 6

He is the Greatest Cop of all Time no matter that people say about him. His ability to take down racers with really no effort needed is astonishing. Humbrd101 from what I have heard about her from my friends can't even compete with his determination, driving skills, and aggression. When I watch his videos on YouTube it clearly proves to my friends and I that MAV is the King. With a driver rating of 97 its almost unreal to see, But its totally true. I hope that players can grow to respect him.

Great cop! Over all best driver I have played rivals with..cop or racer..

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2 H3CKTOR099 - Germany D3LTA5 H3CKTOR099 - Germany D3LTA5 V 1 Comment
3 USCoastGuardLT - United States USCoastGuardLT - United States

He could be considered as the greatest cop to ever play on PS3 with over 20,000 busts. In addition, this player could also be ranked as one of the top 10 best drivers of all time thanks to his unique driving skills. For those people who have meet this player on the road, most of that time they spend driving is trying to find a safe hiding spot. This player has a great memory and attacking skills in the game in which is one reason that makes him so great. But we can't forget that he is also being looked at as one of the best racers to ever play on the PS3 Platform. - Chrisnortan85

4 slidenglide64 - United States slidenglide64 - United States

If you haven't heard of this world class player before then this is your chance to read about him. Mainly playing as a racer in the game slidenglide64 is one of those racer that would wouldn't want to mess with if your are having a bad day. He is well known for escaping cops with ease, and being able to defend himself pretty well. For those cops who have chased him in the past, they all understand the struggle they had in the process of trying to wreak a player of this magnitude. - Chrisnortan85

5 Flaminaussiem8 - United States Flaminaussiem8 - United States

We all have seen this player before going after racers that he busts with really not effort needed. But we now know that with over 15,000 racer busts ranking him as the 3rd heights on PS4, Flaminaussiem8 world class driving and mobility in the game is what makes this cop so great. He has been playing this game for a while now but is still getting better as the days move forward. As a racer he has a very conservative thinking style and is able to escape from any unskilled cops with ease. - Chrisnortan85

6 vanchyy2k - United States vanchyy2k - United States

With over 14,000 busts and considered one of the best cops on PS3. His ability to use his agility and mobility to move around the map with lighting speed is nearly breathtaking to a degree. There are some racers he has encountered that think they know the cops moves. But when they play this cop it all changes in seconds. We all know that every cop has to understand the movements and timing of the game. And by the looks of things we can say that, this player has everything on paper. - Chrisnortan85

7 Heisenberg_1915 - United States Heisenberg_1915 - United States

With over 13,000 busts in which ranks him as top 10 on PS3, his ability of understanding the roads and curves is what makes him so fast while in chase. Every cop has to acknowledge where every hard drift is and how to get around traffic at high speed with ease. This players has a special skill that most cops across all 5 systems have not developed yet in which could be they way he is conservative with this choice of weapons. Also, we can't forget that his Attacking skills are also up to par with those who are the Elite cops of NFS Rivals. Through his hard work and love for the game, he hopes to keep improving on his skills to reach the top spot on PS3. - Chrisnortan85

8 Reaperschild001 - United States Reaperschild001 - United States

As one of the best cop in the game and on PS4 with over 3,000 busts, he is not a cop to mess with on any given day. Reapers Driving ability bust racers with his deadly speed is what makes the Reaper so well known. There are many online racers out there who refuse to pick a fight with this player because who well developed his attacking and defensive skills are for a player who hasn't been played long. Reaper is still earning new moves and ideas as the days go by. But it is clear that this player means business... - Chrisnortan85

Reaper is one of those players that you don't want to mess with. His ability to take down online and AI racers is almost perfect. I truly think that he could be the next MAV based on his driving skills and overall knowledge of the game. With all of this goodness does come some sadness, from what I have heard the past couple of days, MAV and Reaper really don't like each other that much and I don't understand why. but besides all of that mess, Reaper is a awesome cop overall with a rating of 93. He need to work on staying focused, his driving skills, and working on leaving his comfort zone. Nonetheless, he has improved from the last time I heard of his name back in November.

9 MateiGameRule - United States MateiGameRule - United States

With over 11,000 busts in the game. he currently holds the record for the most racer busts on the PC platform. His ability to drive around the map with ease is almost unreal. We can say from the racers experiences that, this player knows all the in and outs of every turn, and hiding spots. If you are having a really bad day it would not be in your best interest to get in the way of this cop. In addition, his dedication for the game and the willingness to keep fighting is what gives him the right to be put on this list. - Chrisnortan85

10 NeAlex83RUS - United States NeAlex83RUS - United States

We all know that NeAlex83RUS is one of the greatest racers of all time to ever play on the PC platform. With his unbelievable driving skills, and being able to wreak a cop with inhuman like speed is just amazing. They way that his awareness and defensive skills come together to makes a player of this by of stature is nothing like the racing world has ever seen. But for the most part, he has come out as a cop before and still gets the job done with deadly speed and accuracy. Most of the racers or cops who have meet this world class player in the past know what happens when NeAlex83RUS feels in danger. - Chrisnortan85

The Contenders

11 Dmlplaci - United States

As one of the best cops to ever play the game, this players ability to do the cop events with cheetah like speed is nearly out of this world. With over 10,000 racer busts it puts him on the top ten all time list for the most racers wreaked by a cop. With a strong foundation for the chemistry for the game, and knowing the racers moves, she is able to take down a racer, plus defend herself with good timing skills and awareness. - Chrisnortan85

12 mitto0777 - China

With 5,000 racer busts in which ranks him as top 10 on PS4, his ability to understand how important timing and his use of both Defensive and attacking strategies is what makes him a good cop worthy of being on this list. From our standpoint, watching him wreak racers with really no effort needed and his driving skills to hunt down the orange triangles on the map with speed and agility is nearly unreal. His timing strategies in the game for all areas of the cop side is what makes him so deadly to racers who are in his path. Not ever cop understands that timing in Rivals is so important if you want to get to the highest level of game-play. Players have watch him grow over the years and still to this day he is training to getting better. - Chrisnortan85

13 DDay6565 - United States

With his unbelievable driving skills and attacking ability as a racer, DDay6565 is one of those racers that you don't want to mess with if your not up for one of the hardest challenges on Rivals. With great determination and respect for others, he is well known amongst the Need For Speed Rivals community. Many players who meet him for the first time, in which mainly are cops trying to chase him down. Majority of then say that, "I don't know how really skilled cops could ever withstand his ability to stay alive for so long even when you are trying your hardest to bust him" He is also know for his relentless attacking and great timing skills when it comes to using his weapons. - Chrisnortan85

14 Xxking-_-mobxx - United States

As a cop this player with out any question is one of the most ruthless cop in the game because of his awareness and attacking strategies in the game. With more than 7,000 racers busted so far, he is one of those cops to look out for when you are driving on the road. There are many cops out there who look up to him as a superstar including the worlds #1 best cop MAV3R1CK_797. This individual has so much respect for the game and the players that he is apart of many rivals groups. Even if he has been playing for a while now, he is willing to learn new tricks and moves from the best cops and racers in the world. - Chrisnortan85

15 EII2u - United States

As one of the best cops to ever play on the Rivals PS4 platform with over 8,000 busts, the ability for her to use the speed and agility she has to bust racers makes this cop someone to watch out for on the road. She is only one of few cops who understands that training with the best of the best truly can make you a better overall player. There are many online racers out there who to a certain extent refuse to challenger her because they know the consequences can be harsh. Ell2u is one of those individuals who will continue to practice with heart in mind to become one of the top cops in the game. - Chrisnortan85

16 TNCTC - United States

As one of the best racers to ever play on the PS3 Platform, he is worthy of being on this list. Most cops who see him in the game knows what happens when you harass a player of this type of skill. His agility and mobility in the game is what makes him one of the hardest racers to bust on the game. For the most part, if your not a skilled cop on PS3 it would be a good choice to stay away from this guy. Many cops who try and chase this player always seem to have a hard time. As a racer it is important that you know when to use your weapons at the right time. Being conservative is also a good idea and from what players have been saying he knows how do all of those things - Chrisnortan85

17 PrincessSara84 - United States V 1 Comment
18 nashammari - United States

As one of the Best Racers on PS4, his ability to get away from cops is what makes this player so good. By the use of his agility and Attacking tricks he is able to wreak cops and other racers with speed and a conservative mind in play. Not only does this player play as racer, but he also takes time to improve in the cop side of things as well. Most of the cops that have had a chance to go after this player who as great skills usually don't wreak nashammari most of the time. With every day passing by, he is willing to but heart and soul into every second he gets to improve on his weaknesses and strengths. Maybe in the near future he could reach is goal of top ten. - Chrisnortan85

19 Blondedelweiss - Switzerland

As one of the best racers to ever represent team Switzerland, Blondedelweiss is one of those players you don't what to go one v one with. His ability to do the events both on the racer and cop side with record speed is what makes this player on of few who can call themselves champions in the game. His awareness and driving skills is what many people say is his strongest areas without any arguments. For the most part, if your a beginner racer and wanting to better understand how to become a top ranked driver then, this is the player to get that information from. Not all racer or even cops can comprehend how great this player can get in the future. - Chrisnortan85

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