Best Need for Speed Rivals Race Cars

This list is for all Need For Speed Rivals cars in the racer faction.

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1 Koenigsegg One:1

Came close with the McLaren P1 with the fastest top speed in the game. But had frequent oversteer. - SelfDestruct

Best car once you get used to it in corners, and it will plow through racers and cops - very fun car. My second choice is the Ferrari F12, another kick ass car for this game.

Great car for racing, I say it is pretty good in pursuit.

It's a awesome car I use it to beat grand tour again and it's fantastic

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2 Ferrari F12berlinetta

I think it should be the best car in the game speed is good handling is good acceleration is ok overall out of 100 I think 100

I never thought one of the ugliest cars in the game would be #2.

In my opinion F12 is the best from all sides combined speed, acceleration, durability and handling are too good so making it best for duels, hot pursuits.

This car is the best one and is amazing at everything, durability is a lot better than its other competitors.

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3 McLaren P1

It is 100% ahead of its time and don't you forget we are talking about a modern hypercar that was built by a racing company that has won 182 total races. this car is sexy, quick, and overall a great performing car

Best acceleration in the game in my opinion everything is pretty much great, except for the drifting. Drifting in this car is terrible. Otherwise it's great

It requires great skill to drift well. Don't turn it too hard while drifting. - SelfDestruct

Got the best handling for all racer cars and the best acceleration. Helped me beat the events I had trouble with the Koenigsegg One:1 to beat em with. - SelfDestruct

I love the speed in the car and it has very good handling

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4 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Yeah boy full carbon fibre that nut's!

The first time I completed the Grand Tour, it was with this car. Equip it right and you will do fine. - SelfDestruct

Very versatile car & super turbo to spring up some nasty surprises!

Good for beginners

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5 Porsche 918 Spyder

Looks badass with its rear wing on and with turbo boost can surpass 242 MPH. - SelfDestruct

All Porsches in this game are great


6 Lamborghini Gallardo LP750-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica

Great control over other cars in its class, also acceleration and speed. - SelfDestruct

Such a beautiful and it makes a great noise, fantastic handling

The car has a very good control even if the car is on high speed,you still can control the car very well.

how do hat

7 Lamborghini Veneno

Really good for pursuits

Great if you use this in a race, however it's inferior to the aventador.

Best in my opinion

Best car in the game

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8 McLaren 12C Spider

Pretty fast car but the drifting is not as strong as other cars.

SUPER FAST! Be careful though...

Great control can drift like it's nothing

It's just really fun to drive at high speeds. - SelfDestruct

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9 Jaguar C-X75 Prototype

I have this car and it is amazing wants fully upgraded is outstanding with speeds of almost 240.

Beautiful, fourth fastest, most durable, and great control and acceleration

With only 5 made in the real world, it's a badass in the game.

I has amazing speed I went 230mph

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10 Porsche Cayman S

Everyone thinks your a noob with this

The best car ever

It got a low top speed but acceleration is great and control is the best amongst heat 1 cars by far. - SelfDestruct

That was my starter car in the game. - EARL

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The Contenders

11 Pagani Huayra

Mine goes over 200 fully fixed up

It is the fastest rivals car

Second highest top speed, good handling, looks and acceleration, and more durable and stonger than all in its class except the f12. I believe this is the best all-rounder.


12 Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

Drifting sensitivity is excellent, and boasts impressive control during high speeds. However, the durability is troublesome, but I can live with that.

Durable, fast and handles and drifts well. THIS CAR IS SUPER USEFUL!

Good handling, acceleration and durability.

In my opinion it is the best car in the last 5 cars in terms of durability and controlling. I enjoy drifting with this and also without any fear of being wrecked or busted while doing hot persuits.

13 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary

Best car in the game

I say best overall car in nfs rivals: mind blowing top speed; super fast acceleration; best controlling car in nfs; super strong and very durable.

14 Ford Mustang GT 2015

Awesome car when upgraded but falls behind others on level 1 pursuit tech. If it just had a better tech level, it would be so much better!

Best car for races because of the game's choosing AI, it chooses rank 1 cars for you, and its faster than a gallardo maxxed out.

Use this car for everything. Good all around car.

Fastest Amoung 1 heat cars

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15 Porsche 911 GT3

You feel the power running in your veins...

The control with the speed and durability

Love it. Nice handling and good speed when maxed.

Best car for free roam.

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16 Jaguar XJ220

Bad acceleration but good top speed and pursuit durability. - SelfDestruct

17 Ferrari 458 Spider

458 is the beast! Drifts well, sounds ORGASMIC and pretty darn fast!

Lightly Modded Runs amazing great handling acceleration is killer among other cars in its class... Con Durability it doesn't hold up well if your battling more than 3 cops...

I modded this thing like mad an it is MMMAADD I love the mix of speed and steering and duribility it is simply the best car in nfs rivals on the xbox 360.

18 Bugatti Veyron

The Super Sport appeared as a police car. Therefore, it should be removed from this list. Nonetheless, it sucked even as a cop. It either understeers or oversteers. - SelfDestruct

The bugatti veyron is without a doubt one of the fastest but I don't recommend going fast on a road with: traffic,hard turns and bumps.

This wasn't even in the racer faction. It only appeared as a cop car. - SelfDestruct

Best car! so fast! and durability is great but the way that thing goes in a straight line is like nothing I have ever felt (now ik the koenigsegg and Hennessy r faster but I find this has a better sensation of speed in the straights)

19 Lamborghini Super Trofeo

The spolier look badass when you race in this. Best car for top speed

20 Aston Martin Vanquish

Really good control for beginners

Good car for starting

Just like the porsche cayman S but bigger.

21 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray

You have to be skilled to drift...

It's speed is insane it can get away in a matter of seconds

My opinion is it looks so good

22 Dodge Challenger

I think it exells when has turbo level 1 and level 3 shockwave. by prince cake please vote

Sed this car in the grand tour and I hadsed itand this is continuing from my last comment. I used this car in the grand tour and I had 5 minutes left but I recomend upgrading its durability and strength to max

23 Ford GT

Decent Top Speed. Acceleration is horrible. But held up well, while beatin up on a couple of police cars...

It is the easyest to do every thing and maybe take 90 cops because they have chrubly to catch up
from Jackson

Not the best car in nfs but I would say good starter car (if you don't prefer the porshe cayman S)

24 Koenigsegg Agera R Koenigsegg Agera R

By far the best car on the game! the speed difference between the veyron and is car is very high and the handling of it suits me more than any other car on the game except the 458. The problem with the 458 is that it can feel slow if you have just finished driving on of the faster cars like the mclaren f1 or even the aventador. Now I haven't finished my racer career because my game broke but I was at the sls. Definitely would say it was the best racer car I had driven so far. Also my game broke before I could get any DLC.

25 Hennessey Venom GT

Works best for my personal play style of routing to players to assassinate them. and oh God it is fun on those highways!

26 GTA Spano 2015

Awesome control when drifting, great add-on car, and looks sick.

27 GTA Spano

Upgraded a little and is best car there is for racers

28 Ford Mustang GT 2014 NFS Movie Car

Good handling ans top speed

29 Ferrari F40

This car is very close to being on par with the F50 but doesn't oversteer as much.

Great acceleration and top speed when fully upgraded, but stick to the One: 1 if you need to get through a tough mission.

30 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Better than Porsche Cayman S


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