Most Needed Movie Sequels

All movies that must be made, only action movies. all will have a story line made by me. comment if you have an idea, I know I'm not always right!

The Top Ten

1 Pacific Rim 2

This must be a movie, it was the best summer blockbuster. the second could have the kaiju enter from the sky and water in a full scale war, resulting in the jager program being re-instated. then riley finds out the kaiju have been gunning for him because he tried to destroy their race. the pilots must find a way to combat a new weapon of the kaiju's, putting visons in there head of there dead loved ones. - theloneranger

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2 Man of Steel 3
3 The Amazing Spider Man 3

Already going to happen but must have his father's killer, the pilot of the plan his father was on should become the scorpion. then I must have vemon, and obviouosly the rhino. - theloneranger

4 G.I. Joe 3
5 The Heat 2
6 Ghost Rider 3

I love ghost rider, one of the less popular superhero's, but a cool one. the third should have ghost rider fighting back against the devil and all of his forces of hell in one final battle - theloneranger

7 World War Z 2

They need to make an ending where they find the source/cause is found and they kill lots of zombies, and lots of cool stuff. - theloneranger

A prequel to how it started would b good

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8 Wreck-It Ralph 2

Best animated movie ever, cool concept and just such a fun movie to watch, best thing ever for kids. turbo should come back and then try to ruin fix it felix - theloneranger

9 Now You See Me 2
10 Iron Man 4

Would be cool but can't happen - theloneranger

The Contenders

11 Freddy Got Fingered Twice
12 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 2
13 Big Hero 7
14 Spider-Man 4
15 The Godfather Part 4
16 Forrest Gump 2
17 The Simpsons Movie 2
18 Ratatouille 2
19 Inside Out 2
20 The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2
21 Zootopia 2
22 Chicken Little 2
23 Over The Hedge 2
24 Final Destination 6
25 Rio 3
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