Most Needed Movie Sequels

All movies that must be made, only action movies. all will have a story line made by me. comment if you have an idea, I know I'm not always right!

The Top Ten

1 Pacific Rim 2

This sucked so much.

I agree so much

This must be a movie, it was the best summer blockbuster. the second could have the kaiju enter from the sky and water in a full scale war, resulting in the jager program being re-instated. then riley finds out the kaiju have been gunning for him because he tried to destroy their race. the pilots must find a way to combat a new weapon of the kaiju's, putting visons in there head of there dead loved ones. - theloneranger

2 Man of Steel 3

Since the second movie is already going to be made, and have batman in it, the third should have one of my favorite villans in it, doomsday, the ruthless kryptionian. that had been made by his father and latched onto his ship that took him to earth. - theloneranger

3 The Amazing Spider Man 3

Already going to happen but must have his father's killer, the pilot of the plan his father was on should become the scorpion. then I must have vemon, and obviouosly the rhino. - theloneranger

4 G.I. Joe 3

Still has to happen, because cobra commander got away, but I have no idea for a story line, leave on in the comments. - theloneranger

5 The Heat 2

Such a funny movie with a good storyline to it. the second should have somebody threatening boston with a nuke, and then melisa macarthy being funny and sandra bullock being akward. - theloneranger

6 Ghost Rider 3

I love ghost rider, one of the less popular superhero's, but a cool one. the third should have ghost rider fighting back against the devil and all of his forces of hell in one final battle - theloneranger

7 World War Z 2

They need to make an ending where they find the source/cause is found and they kill lots of zombies, and lots of cool stuff. - theloneranger

A prequel to how it started would b good

Coming out 2017

8 Wreck-It Ralph 2

Best animated movie ever, cool concept and just such a fun movie to watch, best thing ever for kids. turbo should come back and then try to ruin fix it felix - theloneranger

9 Now You See Me 2
10 Iron Man 4

Would be cool but can't happen - theloneranger

The Contenders

11 Freddy Got Fingered Twice
12 Final Destination 6
13 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 2
14 Big Hero 7
15 Spider-Man 4
16 The Godfather Part 4
17 Forrest Gump 2
18 The Simpsons Movie 2
19 Ratatouille 2
20 Inside Out 2
21 The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2
22 Zootopia 2
23 Chicken Little 2
24 Over The Hedge 2
25 Rio 3
26 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the MOVIE 3rd/4th StrikerS
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