Top 10 Most Nerdy Attributes

What makes a nerd nerdy? What is the most unanimously true and sets a nerd apart from a "normal" person the most. What would you almost never do that nerds do?

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1 Plays Trading Card Games

Hahalolz a bit far-fetched, don't you think? - HezarioSeth

2 Plays Minecraft

True.But nerds probably play RPG's or MMO's more.(RPG's and MMO's are cool but nerds play them)-TheCoolGuy1

3 No Sense of Style
4 Wears Glasses

My sister wears glasses and is like the nerdiest person I know. - istooduptoabully

5 Skinny
6 Annoying
7 Smart
8 Un-Athletic
9 Anti-Social
10 Teacher's Pet

Ugh... teacher's pets! They're always in the way. Our teacher's pet even made a bowl of our teacher's face and gave it to him. But, plays Minecraft? Minecraft is awesome. Even I play it.

The Contenders

11 Non-Religious
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1. Plays Minecraft
2. Plays Trading Card Games
3. Wears Glasses
1. Annoying
2. Un-Athletic
3. No Sense of Style


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