Top Ten Nerdy Love Quotes

The Top Ten Nerdy Love Quotes

1 If life were a Math problem, you'd be Integral to my Solution

But what if you were after the differential? - PositronWildhawk

2 Not even a Twin's Paradox can Keep us apart
3 My love for you is so strong that it even defies Heisenberg's uncertainty Principle
4 Our Love is as strong as protons attracted to each other through a strong nuclear force
5 My love for you is so deep that even Black holes cannot suck this love out of me

I like it! It would make you blush - Curti2594

This one is awesome, Ksunu! - HezarioSeth

6 You're as beautiful as a simple sinusoidal wave

Because she has lots of curves? And what about 2(sinx)? And 3(sinx)? - keyson

2sinx or 3sinx means more distinct curves. Well it surely is better. - Kiteretsunu

7 I can see the love for me in your oculus sinister and oculus dexter

Oculus sinister means left eye and oculus dexter means right eye. - Kiteretsunu

8 Whenever you're beside me, my left ventricle pumps the blood really hard, making my heart beat faster

Really funny and nerdy! - HezarioSeth

9 For your love, I'd even try to travel faster than light

Nerdiest! I am a geek so I would know. People have said this to me and said that it was sweet but lame! Haha, it amuses me. - Apple2467

Laugh out loud that's so funny - maddyparrot22

10 If I had to choose between quantum physics and you, I'd choose you.

Well that would be a relief knowing I wouldn't come second to quantum physics - whatever that is... - Britgirl

@Anonymous. Well said anonymous. But what if I take the observation and the function collapses to one of the two results. Then you surely have to choose one of them! - Kiteretsunu

Correctly speaking, this should read: If I had to choose between quantum physics and you, I would choose both! :-)

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11 You're like the sun you give me everything that I need
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