Top Ten Nerf N-Strike Weapons

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Raider CS-35

I am the leader of a n-strike team and me and my assault men have raiders and we smash everyone with it. Its great because its ammo lasts long, its can do slam shooting or clip system single shots, its accurate and its got great range.

I have a raider the only bad thing about it is reoloading if you don't have a extra mag or gun

Yeah moose is right the only downside is the range and maybe the balance since its leaned on one side. And the longstrike is not better in a acutal nerf war. If you think of the longstrike for a moment the raider would be destroying it every 10 seconds.

I just got the clear edition and it is awesome! The range is okay but the Slam Fire of great. One con, I've already lost two bullets in three days, so it won't last long without a dart refill pack.

Maverick Rev-6

Reasons why this is the best nerf:

Light, powerful, cheap, tons of mods, carries 6 darts at a time.

light and easy to carry reloads quick and easy to modofie

It is a really good gun it is fast reload and quite sneak it shoots very far it is really cheap I love it

The maverick has the clip of 6 darts it is not so accurate like the night finder but its cheap priced at 649.00 INR it shoots as long as 15 feet unlike the night finder its not handy and easy to reload.

Vulcan EBF-25

That's good it has automatic shooting but the bad is so many bullets to reload

When I was like seven, eight, or nine, I got this as my very first Nerf gun. I remember the look on my parents' face when they saw the price tag! I remember running into battle against some of my friends with some of my other friends charging with me. Man, those were the days...

I think the vulcan is the coolest cause it can shoot really fast

the raiders not even good my friend has 1 and it always gets jammed and its a nightmare getting all your bullets back

Anyway the vulcan has fast shooting and is on a can be on a tripod

Recon CS-6

Recon is BADASS just simply BADASS it is simply the best gun you would have ever seen.

The recon is the best! It can be used for all missions. and can still work effectively

I really like the Recon. A good gun and I recommend It to everyone.

The recon is the best nerf gun out on the market because one you can use it as a pistol, sniper, or rifle. You can easily run around with it or take down a base, capture a flag or take down an entire squad by yourself

Longshot CS-6

This weapon rules way better than the raider the raider jams a lot. Get the longshot it's a better sniper than the longstrike as well. This gun rules rules rules. Don't make fun of the longshot or else

a nerf gun that finally has great accuracy and great distance thats easy to customize! this gun is an awesome all purpose weapon.


Its acurate got a bipod and is miles better than the longstrike it also the shot gun is! Could make a at least 2x zoom on the scope and it has a extendable stock 5/5

Elite Retaliator

Farthest shooting nerf gun and most accurate ever made

This is basically just a better version of the Recon. It shoots farther and is a lot more accurate. It looks cool too.

This gun has won me a ton of Nerf battles. I like the mobility on this gun and it can shoot hard, accurate, and long.

The gun is very powerful and accurate, and that helps me in nerf wars.

Stampede ECS

Vulcan EBF-25 vs Stampede ECS would be a close call but I think that the Stampede ECS is much better because it shoots faster and more room for ammunition!

This is the best gun by far. Super accurate, large magazines, quick and easy reloading, comes with a bipod I use as a grip, and a shield. Silent at first, then shoots darts quite quickly. Works well with both close-range combat and long distance rapid fire sniping.

best gun ever beats my brother every time
fully auto
large clip
drum can be attached
blast shield

How the hell is the maverick better than the spectre, let alone the Stampede?! The stampede, along with the vulcan, are the flagships of the N strike series! The maverick can shoot 6 darts, cocking each time, but this can shoot 18 in one trigger hold and you can reload it with two spare 18 dart clips and a six dart clip. Also, it comes with a shield and a pop out bipod/foregrip!

Longstrike CS-6

If you get this, you'll realize why people say it's one of the best looking Nerf guns of all time!

Rate better. Very useful gun. Its awesome!

Great sniper you can also put a clip on the stock plus the barrel is detachable

Best sniper it's always in the top 10 come on vote Vote VOte VOTe VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Nite Finder EX-3

It has a light to see in the dark and easy to relode. It's an awesome gun get one.

Basically the most accurate far shooting sniper pistol. I love mine; it is very useful

Awesome once you mod it, remove the air restrictor and stretch the spring a lot and its good

I also have this gun ( nite finder ex 3 ). It's a nice gun I had bought in 2010 but now it works nicely also

Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18

It has a high rate of fire and when modified can be a beast in Nerf Wars.

Ok, why is the same exact gun right below this?

The Contenders

Alpha Trooper CS-18

Great gun. My first N-Strike gun (after having elite), darts are much better than elites because they don't break! Great rapid fire and good capacity!

It was awesome and has a drum. We cane 20 bullets

This gun is the awsomest gun ever and its way better then the blood raider because it hardly ever jams!

Dank gun homies

Rapid Fire 20

Unloads 20 bullets in 3 seconds! (no I do not own it YET! )

I do not think there is gun called Rapid Fire 20

Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

It comes with a very good stock, very large drum and slam fire

Barricade RV-10

I remember buying this gun as soon as it came out three or four years ago. This was one of the last Nerf guns I ever fired.


I got this gun a month ago and it's really proven its self I think this gum might be the best gun yet keep shooting nerd gun lovers

AWesome. This gun holds 144 ammo. It is hard to reload though

I really like that gun

That is my best gun

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

This is a large fully automatic blaster that just looks epic, apply a voltage mod, get a lot of backup ammunition clips and you're set for victory.


I have the special Iron Man version(which basically means its a different color) and it is very impressive. The only problem is that its 10 bullets empty in 1 second, so it has the lowest endurance

Magstrike is awesome it fires 10 darts at a time and its easy to refill but the only bad part is when you will have to pump it

AWESOME gun that annoys your enemy

Jolt IX-2

Small concealable, perfect last resort weapon! Hide it anywhere and confront your enemy undetected

It very whats the word amazingly awesome

Good sidearm

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6

The Nerf Longshot is ranked first because of its range and reliability. It has a extending stock and scope. The longshot's range is the most superior of all the CS guns.

But the Longshot has never been a favorite in looks for me, I never thought it looked cool.

Elite Rampage

This is the best all around nerf gun there is

This is such a good gun. I am about to get it.

Best nerf gun on the market

This thing is like a slice of heaven, it is beiutiful with superior range and accuracy. Why is this number 17! This should be number 1

Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6

Early versions jammed frequently and were dangerous, but you can easily customize this gun to become multiple purpose.


this is a six dart pistol with a scope and tactical light. its a very useful weapon for undercover or stealth mission. its like a small version of a sniper, but easier to use!

a 6 dart pistol that comes with a scope.

Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6

Okay the gun sucks pretty hard, but still we love it.

RapidStrike CS-18

This is a pretty good nerf gun. Clip unloads pretty fast but of you have a clip ready reload time is fast

This is the best gun ever should be number 1#

It is way better then the rest

It's a full auto gun

Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1
Basic Blaster

this is the best gun ever because it is so fast and the person does not even see it coming

A 3 in 1 gun that fires 1 mega missle up to 60 feet!

Deploy CS-6

Everybody hates this blaster, but I like it, along with the Slingfire. I must have gotten a good one, because it is one of the most accurate guns I have. I will modify it for an upcoming war, we will see how that pans out! The pump slide is so comfortable, the stock is a little flimsy, as is the trigger grip. This is an easily over looked blaster, and it transforms and accepts barrel extensions!

Light and easy to drag. Shoots fast, and it got a night finder!

Nerf N-Strike Nite-Finder

It's compact and can be an emergency weapon. Though it's not a reliable side-arm.

Secret Strike AS-1

You pump it up, put it in your pocket, and then it shoots up to 30 feet!

Nerf Vortex Nitron

This gun is beast

Spectre Rev-5

Best blaster ever, this should be on the list, anyone who likes to be stealthy needs this blaster (yes I own it)

Rayven CS-18

I think its questionable that this is below some blasters that aren't even n-strike

Barrel Break IX-2

Epic come on vote for this i5ts always in the top 10 everything is AWESOME (about this gun)


The only Nerf blaster to reach a perfect 10/10 on Nerf Wiki, and for many good reasons.

This is the best all rounded weapon. It shoots far, its fast, its accurate, its small, and it looks good.

Vulcan Ebf-35

This is already on the damn list

True, true it is

Triad EX-3
Demolisher 2 In 1

Do I really need to explain, hardcore Nerf fans?

Rhino Fire

This gun looks awesome! And it holds 50 darts plus 2 barrels come on it's the nicest nerf gun of 2014 but the price is 100 plus$ even so it should in the list ( no I don't have it)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

Seriously, this is the BETTER version of the raider rapid fire. It weighs less, it's easier to shoot, it has better accuracy, and has more range. This should be FIRST and not FORTY-NINTH.

Big drum and clearly this has to be the best because of range and accuracy.

Elite Stockade

Epic, shoots fast and inflicts pain plus no batteries

Snapfire 8

No cocking and shoots far and fast, beast

Elite Centurion

This gun is the farthest gun plus, it's a great price!

Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

No way should this be in last or bottom tier. This 5 shot pistol is fast, light, and reliable. Icing on the cake is that it rivals the strongarm for distance which says a lot since that gun gets a lot of praise. Only reason I can think it's ranked so low is because it's part of the newer zombie strike line. Don't believe me how good it is? Go on YouTube and check out all the reviews from the nerf gurus out there. They love this gun!

Hammer should be 20

You can hold it at arms lenth and prime it with one hand

Nerf AUG A3 Rapid
Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow
Rebelle Star Shot
Combat Creatures Terradrone
Nerf N-Strike Jolt

Can only hold and fire a single dart, but it's quick and easy and it is a serious punch.

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