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41 Elite Stockade
42 Pyragon

Epic, shoots fast and inflicts pain plus no batteries

43 Snapfire 8

No cocking and shoots far and fast, beast

44 Elite Centurion

This gun is the farthest gun plus, it's a great price!

45 Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

No way should this be in last or bottom tier. This 5 shot pistol is fast, light, and reliable. Icing on the cake is that it rivals the strongarm for distance which says a lot since that gun gets a lot of praise. Only reason I can think it's ranked so low is because it's part of the newer zombie strike line. Don't believe me how good it is? Go on YouTube and check out all the reviews from the nerf gurus out there. They love this gun!

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46 Nerf AUG A3 Rapid
47 Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow
48 Rebelle Star Shot
49 Combat Creatures Terradrone
50 Nerf N-Strike Jolt

Can only hold and fire a single dart, but it's quick and easy and it is a serious punch.

51 Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6
52 Nerf N-Strike Barricade REV-10

Wow, I don't even know anymore. I just realized so many of the N-Strike guns suck balls

53 Nerf Barrel Break

Really, you already put it on this stupid list

It a a very awesome gun but short range

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