Top 10 Nes Accessories

The Top Ten
1 Zapper Light Gun

A gun designed for the game Duck Hung where you shoot ducks with the gun

2 Power Glove

A glove where you move you're player but it was a commercial failure since most games are not compatible with it

It's so bad it's good.

As a guy who made SMB3 w/ lyrics once said
"I first saw the game
In a film I won't name
A movie on which I blame
My expectations of the Power Glove
It's so bad (he was serious)" -brentalfloss

3 Game Genie
4 Power Pad

World class track meet, baby!

5 R.O.B

R.O.B the robot is a accessory in which functions to move blocks and designed for 2 game

6 Nes Advantage

Just a big Controller with a joystick and buttons

More like nes cheaters

7 Gun Sight
8 Nes Controller 2
9 Miracle Piano

A piano designed for piano games

10 Roll and Rocker
The Contenders
11 Hookup Cords
12 NES Four Score
13 U-Force
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