Top 10 Netflix Original Horror Films

The Top Ten

1 Gerald's Game Gerald's Game Product Image

For a long time considered unfilmable, Gerald's game was given to us in film form after a long time.
Spoilers...kinda ahead.
So basically the main character(jesse) is left handcuffed to her bed after her husband dies mid-sex. Her methods of survival were interesting and smart, in fact this is the first Book to film adaption that was better than the book!
To me the film properly brings fear out of veiwers and deserves more appriciation. Stephen king is really the king of horror - Dustbunnie

2 The Ravenous

This twisted the slight predictability of zombies in film.. They react to sound. I won't give away the plot but the movie is an interesting experience. It mixes comedy with terror but in a good way. Sure it's obviously low-budget, but that doesn't make it any less exciting - Dustbunnie

3 Train to Busan Train to Busan Product Image
4 1922 1922 Product Image

Yet another stephen king adaption that Netflix took and made into a great blockbuster.
1922 has a very creepy sound track, enough to bring anxiety onto the veiwer - Dustbunnie

5 Cargo Cargo Product Image

Another zombie fiom to add to your watch list. Imagine having 48 hours to get someone somewhere before you of them
that's what this father deals with in cargo - Dustbunnie

6 Little Evil

More of a horror comedy, taking the gimic of stepfathers havinf anti-christ stepsons...close to home. Even tho some moments feel tense,this is more on a comedy level than afear level - Dustbunnie

7 Before I wake Before I wake Product Image

Is that a butterfly in the movie cover? - Userguy44

8 The Ritual The Ritual Product Image
9 Hush

This movie was corny & meh. - Ananya

10 Terrifier Terrifier Product Image
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