Top Ten Best The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Episodes

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1 Find Her, Keep Her

Very touching episode that follows Rabbit adopting adopting a bluebird named Kessie and at first it becomes a bit stressful for Rabbit taking care of Kessie but he eventually grows to lover like his child so much so that he forbids her from trying to learn to fly fearing that if she learns to fly then she'll eventually leave him to go South for the Winter, Rabbit eventually ends up having to deal with Kessie leaving him and on the night before Kessie is set to leave he becomes too upset to read her one final bed time story as he tells her "You don't need me to read you a bedtime story, you don't need me for anything.

The most touching and heartwarming episode

2 Paw and Order

This episode was the best. It's the one we all remember the most clearly

I remember this show.

3 All's Well That Ends Wishing Well

Tigger at his funniest. "Lima beans?! Yuck! How'd that get into my birthday? "

4 The Great Honey Pot Robbery

Makes you hungry for cake and ice cream

5 Donkey for a Day

Considered by critics as one of the best episodes

6 A Knight to Remember

The adventurous tone of piglet on a quest was exciting

7 How Much is That Rabbit in the Window?
8 Sorry, Wrong Slusher

I didn't expect Winnie The Pooh to parody slasher films of all things. It honestly worked out brilliant if you ask me.

9 The Piglet Who Would Be King

It's amazing that there's an entire civilization of piglets

10 Bubble Trouble

The most hilarious episode ever. Tigger concocting a bubble potion, Pooh bouncing around in a giant bubble, Gopher's portable hole, and the lima beans are unforgettable!

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11 Pooh Skies

A very artistic episode. Seeing the diverse clouds was visually stunning

12 Pooh Moon

The popcorn was the best part

13 Honey for a Bunny

The boomerang was hilarious. It's also heartwarming when Rabbit's friends build him a new bookend.

14 A Pooh Day Afternoon

The grocery manager and the produce are the funniest part

15 Cleanliness is Next to Impossible
16 A Very, Very Large Animal

The end with the ants and the cupcake was my most distinct memory

This is a very good episode

17 A Bird in the Hand

Teaches children about the dangers of kidnapping

18 Luck Amok

Tigger's attempts to "help" Rabbit were hilarious

19 Stripes

Tigger without stripes looks so...wrong

20 The Wishing Bear

The star in the sky is one of the most distinct visual memories

21 Gone With The Wind

This is how I learned about pinwheels

22 The Masked Offender

Honestly Tigger was misunderstood in his heroic efforts

23 My Hero

My hero sandwich

24 Eeyore's Tail Tale

Tigger's fantasy was the best

25 Fish Out of Water
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