Top Ten New and Amazing Inventions You've Never Heard Of

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The Top Ten

1 Regeneration

From a pig's extra cellular matrix, we can regenerate almost all body parts! - glambert

2 3D Food Printer

I already have heard about it - kormo

That sounds AMAZING! FOOD! - funnyuser

3 Pen That Draws 3D Stick Figures
4 An App That catches Your Dream

It stores your Dreams in the form of text or voice - glambert

5 Marauder's Map

Anyone seen Harry Potter Movie?
And did you noticed a map?
Yes tats Gonnabe a reality! - glambert

6 Laser Gun
7 Mind Reading Camera

This would be CREEPY! - funnyuser

I already heard about it. - kormo

8 Light Saber
9 Robot That Devours Insects and Rodents
10 Pencil Pusher

The Contenders

11 Military Mind Control
12 License Plate Flipper
13 Insect Assailants
14 Living Breathing Running Shoes

Its like a second skin on your body. - glambert

15 Soccket Energy Ball

It looks like an ordinary foot ball but if you kick it around 30 minutes, its internal mechanism converts whole mechanical energy to kinetic energy, which is enough to recharge your mobile phone - glambert

That is really neat! - funnyuser

16 Bladeless WindMill
17 Gravity Light

You now don't need to use electricity, or any other fuels for lighting a lamp, all you gotta do is just hang something heavy onto it! - glambert

18 Tooth Tattoo

You maybe thinking that it is the only body part free of tatoo isn't it?
But fortunately it has many uses unlike other tatoos, because it can detect tooth decays, gum disease and other illness! - glambert

19 iPill
20 Perpetual Printing
21 Seed Racer
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