Best New Edition Songs

This is an a RnB music group, from Boston, Massachusetts (1978) and this group. Its six members; Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Ronnie Devoe, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell...

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1 Mr. Telephone Man Mr. Telephone Man Cover Art

Parker got one more surprise from New Edition after the song became a hit. "Those are the only guys I ever wrote a hit record for that called me back," he explained. "I'll never forget that... they're very talented guys and they were the only ones to say, 'Thank you for writing us a hit and please come write us another one.'"
Brown, who left the group in 1986, joined them again in 1990 to perform this at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Rapper 2 Chainz sampled this in his 2012 song "I Love Dem Strippers," featuring Nicki Minaj.

1.- Mr. Telephone Man (Catchiest and Best New Edition's Song ever)
2.- If It Isn't Love (Great lyrics, great rhythm, great story and great recording)
3.- Maryann
4.- Can You Stand The Rain
5.- Once In A Lifetime Groove
6.- Let's Be Friends (Special beat)
7.- Where It All Started
8.- Lost in Love
9.- You Don't Have to Worry (Even superior than Cool It Now which is a very overrated song)
10.- Cool It Now (Nice song but not even number 2 lol)

good song, this is my pick since it's a much better song than Cool it Now in my opinion which is number 2.

I still loving this song even after many years of not listen to it

2 Cool It Now Cool It Now Cover Art

I'm not sure if this my favorite song by this guys, but is also one of the catchiest songs with the most well worked beats. I don't know also the lyrics could be a good thing for the whole song but ain't nothing special even if either I hated!

This song is pretty good in my point of view and, I wonder how it isn't even the number 1 song on this list since it's a very catchy thing with a lot of potential to be the crowned one here!

Don't get me wrong but mr telephone man ain't real competition to songs like this maybe the author of this list couldn't be agree but I feel that this song is better

really, sir telephone man is crap, put this song at number 1, it deserves

3 Can You Stand the Rain Can You Stand the Rain Cover Art

Recorded in: 1988
And also realesed in: December 13 (same year)
Produced by: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Not so great, but it works as one of the best ballads for the entire 80s Soul / songs...

This song should be on a Grand Theft Auto who would tokes place in New York

even Jess Willard admited this is his favorite song of all time. But I can't blame it!

I understand if this song is number 3 but guys, this song is definitely perfect! I mean...
-i'm not saying this song it's even one of the best songs in the world. It's just only fantastic!...

4 Once in a Lifetime Groove Once in a Lifetime Groove Cover Art

the song with the best lyrics, I absolutely agree just read the first verse. (Is so beautiful) .I see you standing there
So lost and all alone
I wanna take you in my arms
And tell you that you're home
I look into your eyes
I know you very well
I see a mirror of my life
A reflection of myself

Impressive song, why did nowadays cannot it have great songs like this or even a bit based of in their rhythm!?

yeah I love those lyrics, very cool if not awesome at all. But the song stills so good to play it today!

Such a beautiful track, it should be included in the Top 5 come on how is is number 8 when it is so good?

5 If It Isn't Love If It Isn't Love Cover Art

I don't love her
I tried to tell myself
But you can see it in my eyes
So don't deny
I can't fool no one else
The truth is in the tears I cry
'Cause if it isn't love
Why do I feel this way
Why does she stay on my mind
And if it isn't love
Why does it hurt so bad
Make me feel so sad inside
If it isn't love

Awesome song with an awesome beat
it's not hip hop music but I just wanted to call it like that ALRIGHT!

This is such a song about real love, I mean its meaning its very meaningful.

Coolest new edition song of all time!
i pick this one since is one of the best anti-lovish songs of all time.

6 Candy Girl Candy Girl Cover Art

This song is not even a great r&b song, if just we can call on each! But I propably only vote for this song in special because it was for their time a really genuine song, it was on a classic r&B music station, I don't remember if was an a american radio station, but we have to accept that candy girl is one of the most knowed new edition songs they got.

Good song, is my favorite.

Should get number #3

7 My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?) My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?) Cover Art

Good song, I wonder how fast it can reach big levels on this list as ''Mr. Telephone Man'' did...

My favorite new edition's song ever it should be number 1

The song just I feel it could be number 6 at least

best song besides Can you stand-the Rain

8 Maryann Maryann Cover Art

As I can see this song ain't that bad as other people say, I meant of the community in

9 Still In Love Still In Love Cover Art

Maybe this song is their greatest! Because it put me in tears every time I'm listening this beautiful song.

One of their best songs ever, this song should be number 3 at least. why is it so low? did anyone hate it?

This is the best song ever made, it sounds very romantic bro!
and also this New Edition's Masterpiece.
Give me many tears to my eyes.

My favorite one, the way that this song have enviroment in the person who listen, it's so perfectly catchy and well doned!

10 Count Me Out Count Me Out Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Popcorn Love Popcorn Love Cover Art

This song is beautiful and sad

fine song

12 With You All the Way With You All the Way Cover Art

I would not call this song a classic, but I must admit that it was a very interesting topic to talk about when music refers to the context of the word.

Not an awesome song, but it definitely should be for top 10 material.

Yes isn't a masterpiece but is probably the best song here up

one of the best songs from all this guys

13 You’re Not My Kind of Girl You’re Not My Kind of Girl Cover Art

One of the best songs, I think should number 10 I mean this is a good song and can easily beat another songs which are over this one.

A underrated classic

Best new edition's song hands out

I think this is the best song here

14 Is This the End Is This the End Cover Art

I don't know but this song just should be on the top ten


15 Lost in Love Lost in Love Cover Art

This is one of the most talented 'love' songs I've heard for a while... but, it's ranked in 16? seriously?... I mean, no offense but this is a reason by way thetoptens list, aren't gettin' serious by the audience, like me.

Best Edition Song

16 Earth Angel Earth Angel Cover Art

¿What about this one? I think this song should be in the Top 10 it's a good song!

Yes, should be higher-

Meh song buts till' one of the best

Good song not mediokre

17 I'm Leaving You Again I'm Leaving You Again Cover Art

this song should be top 10

Slow but cool

Very Good Song.

18 A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) Cover Art
19 Helplessly in Love Helplessly in Love Cover Art

This song is nostalgic

Should be it higer

Best song on

20 You Don’t Have to Worry You Don’t Have to Worry Cover Art

Better than ''Mr. Telephone Man'' this song should get it off the Top 2 and recieve almost the crown.

I believe this is a song to at number 10 at least it deserves

Coolest song by New edition for me

This lyrics are sick as hell

21 Shop Around Shop Around Cover Art

I love this song, is so catchy and it gotta' be on the list.

very catchy tune

Cumpl. This song goes harder than others.

I'm shoppin' around the world and fit.

22 N.E. Heart Break N.E. Heart Break Cover Art

One of my favorite songs by they

Mine too one of the best songs

number #3 please

23 Where It All Started Where It All Started Cover Art

Also this one I gotta suggest it for the list

24 Let's Be Friends Let's Be Friends Cover Art

Not my favorite but should be in the top 5

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