Top 10 New EDM Songs that You Should Listen to in 2018 Because They're New

I'll update this list as frequently as I can, the schedule is every Friday. You can also add to this list anything new that's come out, if I miss it.

The Top Ten

1 Brighter Days - San Holo

Chill trap, with the amazing talents of Bipolar Sunshine. San Holo never ceases to amaze, EVER. - syntaxEDM

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2 Bread Dreams - Dark Cat

Dark cat is always something to rejoice about. All song by him are amazing and cuute >w< - syntaxEDM

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3 Power Struggle - Topi

The same rejoicing with dark cat applies to Topi. His style is so unique and underrated. Think of it as industrial noise with a solid beat. - syntaxEDM

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4 Out of Place - Ghost'n'ghost

Ghost'n'ghost stole my heart with his single Alright, released on The Arcadium. Out of Place now seems right to hear from them. - syntaxEDM

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5 Walking on the Moon - Infected Mushroom Walking on the Moon - Infected Mushroom
6 This Is Love - Hardwell & Kaaze

Yeah, yeah, I know, progressive house is "too mediocre". Personally, I like it though. Hardcore music kind of died for me a while back, and I needed something different. House filled that hole. - syntaxEDM

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7 Hope - Retrovision

After hearing Galaxy, I have no doubts that you should listen to Hope. - syntaxEDM

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8 Blown Away - Inova

Inova releases every Friday, so they're definitely worth checking out for new music. Always ready to make a banger, regardless of genre, and he does DnB so well! - syntaxEDM

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9 Confession - Aero Chord & Kirsten Collins

Aero Chord was kind of silent after Shadows. I was STOKED for this one, and it definitely didn't disappoint. - syntaxEDM

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10 Take a Fall - The Brig, Rob Gasser & Ashley Apollodor

The bangers are strong! Usually I find dubstep too mediocre, but Rob Gasser is obviously an exception. I never get tired of him. - syntaxEDM

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The Contenders

11 In My Mind - Dynoro & Gigi D'agostino

This one bangs! - syntaxEDM

Both "In My Mind" and "Dicke Lippen" by the way topped the Austrian charts. - Martin_Canine

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12 Dicke Lippen - Katja Krasavice

Odd title, but I like it! - syntaxEDM

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13 Whirlwind - Chime
14 Blood//water (Tom Morello Remix) - Grandson
15 Horsepower - Muzzy
16 Make Me - Teminite & Said
17 H8ers - Matroda
18 Fly - Tokyo Machine
19 Burning Up - Darren Styles, Dougal, & Gammer
20 Voyage - Bad Computer
21 Angel Voices - Virtual Self UListen to Sample
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